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Strategy for a Swedish Nanosystem in Europe

Nanoscience and nanotechnology belong to one of the most interesting growth areas in an international perspective. “Nano” is an area that is often referred to in the public debate on research-based growth in Sweden. The reason for this is that research activities in Sweden are extensive and growing, but also that nanotechnology applications are emerging, and patenting and enterprise associated with nanotechnology as well as industrial applications are in the early stages.

Swedish research in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology holds a prominent place in the international arena, and the initiatives that have been accomplished up to now have generated a good return in the form of research findings, published papers, and the initial stages of commercialisation. Early, future-oriented research initiatives in Sweden, such as the so-called material consortia, have made a valuable contribution to this development.

In several other countries extensive and wide-range, long-term and nationally coordinated initiatives are being implemented in the field of nanotechnology. With Sweden's knowledge base and tradition in the field, it seems natural to suggest that Sweden should also have a national growth strategy and coordinate activities in the nano field. A better overview of the possibilities in this area in terms of technology and knowledge could promote continued development.

IVA is running this project for a period of 12 to 18 months to gather Swedish expertise and players interested in developing Swedish nanotechnology. The project's main purpose is to produce informational materials, formulate a long-term strategy and to prepare a plan for an innovation system within the nano field. One important dimension of the project is an international/European perspective that could lead to a proposal for the EU's framework programme for research and technical development, currently FP6 and the seventh programme, FP7, which is currently at the planning stage.

Another purpose of the project is to highlight the social and ethical aspects of nano research.

Source : http://www.iva.se/templates/Page.aspx?id=1061


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