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Systems Will Serve Canada's National Facility for Ultrahigh-Resolution Electron Microscopy

HILLSBORO, Ore. /April 19, 2006-- FEI Company (Nasdaq: FEIC) today announced that McMaster University, based in Ontario, Canada, has ordered two FEI Titan™ S/TEM systems—the world's first commercial systems capable of delivering sub-Ångstrom resolution—and a multi-year service contract to support them. In dollars, it is one of the largest orders in recent FEI history.

The two Titan systems will be installed at Canada's National Facility for Ultrahigh-Resolution Electron Microscopy at McMaster University. The new, state-of-the-art facility will serve researchers from 24 universities across Canada, several national laboratories and partners from institutions around the world. Using the Titan's aberration-corrected and monochromated technology, users of the systems at McMaster will conduct nanoscale research in a variety of areas including electronics, photonics, metallic alloys, drug delivery systems and energy-related materials including catalysts and battery materials, among others.

“We look forward to utilizing the advanced capabilities of these Titan systems in our new facility and developing a long-term partnership with FEI,” said Dr. Gianluigi Botton, Canada Research Chair in Microscopy of Nanoscale Materials, and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at McMaster University. “The unique capabilities, combined with the very stable platform and achievable energy and spatial resolution of the Titans, should enable our researchers to make new discoveries. These instruments will put Canada in the enviable position of having the most comprehensive facilities in the world and will allow Canadian researchers and industry to develop new advanced materials.”

The multi-million dollar project was funded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the province of Ontario, McMaster University and industry.

Since the introduction of the Titan S/TEM in August 2005, FEI has received orders for more than 30 systems and has increased Titan production to keep pace with market demand. The installation of the McMaster Titans is scheduled for the first quarter of 2007.

“We are very pleased that the Titan was selected to support the work of Canada 's premiere microscopy center at McMaster University ,” commented Rob Fastenau, senior vice president of FEI's NanoResearch and Industry, and NanoBiology market divisions. “The groundbreaking capability of the Titan will enable prestigious institutions around the world to continue pushing the boundaries of nanoscale research and development.”

About FEI FEI's Tools for Nanotech™, featuring focused ion- and electron-beam technologies, deliver 3D characterization, analysis and modification capabilities with resolution down to the sub-Ångstrom level and provide innovative solutions for customers working in NanoBiology, NanoResearch and NanoElectronics. With R&D centers in North America and Europe, and sales and service operations in more than 50 countries around the world, FEI is bringing the nanoscale within the grasp of leading researchers and manufacturers and helping to turn some of the biggest ideas of this century into reality. FEI is represented in Canada by Systems for Research Corporation (SFR Canada). More information can be found on the FEI website at: www.fei.com .  

About McMaster University

McMaster University , a world-renowned, research-intensive university, fosters a culture of innovation, and a commitment to discovery and learning in teaching, research and scholarship. Based in Hamilton , Ontario , the University has a student population of more than 23,000, and an alumni population of more than 115,000 in 128 countries.


Safe Harbor Statement

This news release contains forward-looking statements that include statements about the capabilities of and orders for Titan S/TEM systems as well as the anticipated shipment date. Factors that could affect these forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, anticipated performance of the systems at the customer site, possible cancellation of the purchase order and possible failure to manufacture and deliver the tool for shipment as expected.  Please also refer to our Form 10-K, Forms 10-Q, Forms 8-K and other filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for additional information on these factors and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. FEI assumes no duty to update forward-looking statements.

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