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IMEC annual accounts confirm steady growth

Leuven April 26, 2006 - IMEC, Europe's leading independent research institute for nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, confirms during its General Assembly a sustained annual increase in revenues since its foundation in 1984. IMEC's performance criteria have increased year over year, giving the Belgian-based research institute points in a year when the frame agreement with the government of Flanders will be renewed. The Flemish government accounts for 18% of the financing for IMEC's research activities.

With a total self-generated revenue of 162 million euro, IMEC's annual budget has increased with a firm 23% as compared to 2004. The total budget is now 197 million euro. The rise primarily results from an increase in revenue from contract research with the international industry. For one of its core activities, research on IC process technologies for the sub-45nm generation, IMEC collaborates with eight of the top ten IC manufacturers in the world and other organizations. Besides self-generated revenue, IMEC receives an annual grant from the government of Flanders amounting to 35 million euro. This grant is indispensable in sustaining IMEC's long-term research.

The revenues from contract research were generated through collaboration with local industry (22%) as well as with international industry (68%), through projects of the European Commission (8%) and the European Space Agency (2%). In 2005, more than 550 partners worked with IMEC through a bilateral collaboration, while more than 600 were involved in European projects where IMEC acts as a partner. Additionally, IMEC collaborated with 139 Flemish partners. The quality of IMEC's research was presented in the 1521 scientific papers and conference contributions that IMEC published, often achieved in collaboration with Flemish universities.

“These results prove that the hard work of 2005 has certainly paid rich rewards, both technologically and financially,” said Gilbert Declerck, President and CEO of IMEC. “Currently, we are discussing our new business plan for the coming 5 years with the Flemish Government. In this plan, we are highlighting the importance of multi-disciplinary research, heterogeneous technologies, and integration because our future well-being will be marked by a strong synergy of disciplines. By strengthening our “More-than-(Gordon) Moore” research and our “More-Moore” research, we are prepared to build this future.”


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