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2006 Nanoimprint lithography


Innos Releases Patent Pending Advanced RF CMOS Prototyping Process 

Patent Pending ‘Prototyping process' Provides Businesses With Fast And Cost Efficient Route To Volume Production



28-03-2006- Innos, the UK's leading research and development company for innovations in nanoscale technology, today announced it has filed a patent for its Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturing process. The patent will enable Innos to exclusively offer businesses looking to capitalise on the fast moving RF CMOS market, with a viable alternative to the long cycle times and high costs commonly associated with IC prototyping.

The patent pending process takes advantage of Innos' electron-beam lithography capabilities at the Philips MiPlaza R&D industrial research facility, Eindhoven .

Conventional IC prototype fabrication requires many sequential precision-manufacturing and test steps, resulting in long product development cycle times (often over one year) at high cost.  As Sales and Marketing Director at Innos, Alec Reader explains, “RF CMOS product development is strong in the UK, however if the prototyping development period of such devices can be reduced, the time to volume production is accelerated and the products competitive advantage can be maintained for longer. This is the true value of our patent application.”

Innos' IC manufacturing process is complimented by a team of experts that operate in both commercial and academic worlds. “The role of the fab is vital but it can be very much one way traffic. Getting a working prototype is one thing, but our clients find that working closely with a dedicated team who are available to discuss pertinent technology advances and how to avoid pitfalls, to ultimately improve the design, is a huge benefit,” Reader concludes.

About Innos

Innos is the UK's leading research and development company for innovations in nanoscale technology. From its headquarters in Southampton, Innos provides industry and academic institutions with access to full processing capability for silicon-based devices. It has an expert team of engineers, technicians and academics in addition to over 20 years experience of silicon processing expertise, applying nanomaterials concepts to silicon-based devices. Using the world-class Philips Microsystems Plaza (MiPlaza), Innos clients benefit from the most comprehensive tool-set and expertise to serve the market with the diverse and complete processes that are required. www.innos.co.uk

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