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Adriano Cavalcanti

Chairman and CEO of Center for Automation in Nanobiotech


Cavalcanti is Chairman and CEO of Center for Automation in Nanobiotech (CAN) -- created in 2004 through the collaboration of private funds. CAN as a private company focuses on investigation of new paradigms for innovation in systems and automation design. CAN main thrust and aim is the development of commercial nanobiotechnology systems and devices that may benefit people around the globe with biomedical engineering advances.

As a CEO and Research Scientist, Cavalcanti has participated in several joint work collaborations for the fast development of Nanotechnology and Biomolecular Engineering Automation. His research activities address various approaches to designing effective nanorobotics and nanosystems automation. He has been also developing works on several research projects related to autonomous systems, scientific visualization and physically based simulation. Among other projects, he is also working through the publication of two new books in Nanorobotics, and preparing to commercialize the software Nanorobot Control Design (NCD) as a valuable tool for Nanotechnologists, Engineers, and Machine Designers.

Cavalcanti is a contributor of ASME serving as reviewer of distinct publications. He is a IEEE Member since 2002.

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Adriano Cavalcanti


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