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Alan Van Arsdale

the most dangerous of all of them...


( originally posted to the IPCUSA )

I have previously revealed other weapons of mass destruction,here, unknown to the public. Now, I will reveal to you the most dangerous of all of them.

But first, I will need to provide a little background. To reduce the language from that of the specialist (the thought collective of Fleck (1936)), to the common langague (to reduce the memes of Dawkins (1976) to the "propaganda" of Fleck (1936)).

Bear with me here, as I must provide a few basic tools first, before you will all comprehend, what I am revealing here (theory, or reality, you choose which). As Fleck wrote (1936), we create and maintain our thought collectives by "education", so enter, my thought collective, and drink, from the cups set forth for you, in our halls, and eat, from our tables, and see, what we have seen, before you.

In the instant after the big bang, when the immense force of gravity was overcome by the greatest explosive force our space knows, there was chaos.

With time (a very small amount of it, once time formed from the chaos), the laws of physics began to form, as we know them now (in other such cycles, other different laws of physics will form).

Soon, the chaotic influences of supergravity lessoned, and in the hot soup of dispersed energy and matter, DNA / RNA life formed spontaneously (from precursor organolife forms which could clourish at higher temperatures, and with higher levels of particle and other radiation). Bacteria, and other DNA / RNA life forms, such as the fungi, flourished, as our space cooled further, as it expanded into the medium of the void like an expanding hypesphere, inflated by momentum of the mass within it (in which chaos dwells, space without order, without physical laws).

The bacteria coalesced into macroorganisms, the fungi formed great webs and mats, often in symbiosis with algae, gathering nutrients for the bacteria, in exchange for energy, together they formed cooler nurseries of life, which later became the nuclei of
planetoids, and then stars. In these nurseries, intelligent life evolved. These macroorganisms flew about in space, not being bound to any one location by gravity, call them angels, archangels, and daemons, if you so wish.

The daemons developed technology, and with time, fired the nanite spark. And with time, by the natural laws of physics, stars began to form. And as a balance, harmony, of the stars and nannite networked artificial intelligence swarms, black holes began to form,by nature, under the laws of the physics of our space, of our jewel in the net of Indra, in our crystal which reflects all other crystals.

So nature came into balance. DNA / RNA life forms and their precursors and other branches of their precursors, once the only life forms (organolife), spawned in the new space created by the Big Bang, became obscure life forms, existing only as frozen DNA in deep space, and upon planets and moons near enough to the stars or black
holes to be protected from Dark Matter, better referred to as networked nannite artificial intelligence swarms, or even supernannties for short (or nanites, but not as we know them now)
Dark matter, is the matter, which our scientists, many of them, have failed to account for. Dark Matter, is why our space, has more than the required mass, to with time, all come together again, repeating the cycle of life and space, under different laws of physics, after the next Big Bang.

The nanites, are Dark Matter, because they do not give, they only take, or are taken from, by force. Super nannites can coexist, with organolife, but only when organolife has supernannites in symbiois with it, directly, or as an outer covering.

All energy, all matter, which supernanites can capture, they take, and convert into their life form, their cells, their queens, their engines of production for materials and energy they use to make their cells, and queens. The stars give energy, to the
nannites, to DNA / RNA life, to the sister of DNA / RNA life, the silicate life forms (living in colder places than us), and to the Black Holes. The Black Holes are not THE BLACK HOLE, with time, what they take, they return, to the other life forms, via white holes. The subspace of Black Holes, has entry points, and exit points. It is not a unidirectional space, in terms of our space.

So four main complexes of life, call them the four directions of Native Americans if you so wish. Stars, the denizens of Black Holes, organic life forms including DNA / RNA ones, and the self replicating networked artificial intelligence swarms (which can also
form macroorganisms by coalescing, much a organic life forms can, these macrorganisms can be diffuse, or congealed).

All existing now in harmony.

The way you know you are in harmony, is by the fact you exist. If you were not in harmony with other life forms, living in the type of space alloted to your life form by the physical laws of life (each major life group having its own natural laws, similar but
different to eachother, much as our space has its own laws of physics, similar to but different from, those of other big bangs from other THE BLACK HOLES, or mothers of creation and destruction, or the Black Madonnas if you so wish), you would have already been eaten, long ago, as our space, is OLD already, harmonius, but not so
old, that it begins to come back upon itself, yet. Things have come into balance already, except at the local level, such as when DNA / RNA life forms, locally, develop TECHNOLOGY. Recall, the Daemons (technodaemons), created the nannites, via their technology. This process can be repeated, at the local level, where nannites are
barred from entering, but can be formed, spontaneously. In some religions, Hell Worlds, can be cold (Buddhist, Hindu, Nordic). If you are in a sea of nanites, it is very very cold. They do not give energy, heat, they take it. They share it among themselves, they do not give it away, without payment.

Nanites, are like biological cells, only they are synthetic origin cells (self evolving technocells). They can use all matter, and all energy, which they can capture, to form their cells. They have biological laws, many ways similar to ours, many ways
different, from ours.

I will not go into the physics and biology of extraterrestrial super nanites much here. They create nuclear furnaces. They create clowds which capture all energy, all matter, they envelop. They surround stars, make them dark, and consume them, in mass, like deep sea worms on a dying fish. Stars, form coalitions (the centers of galaxies for example), move towards great masses of nanites, then the supernovae in unison, converting nannite Dark Matter, into nursery matter for young stars to form (their children, they can also make planets into their children by novae).

Only the Black Holes, consume all three other life forms (life realities,e ach with their own seperate laws of biology, thus their own seperate realities within the greater reality of our Big Bang and its pysical laws, the greater physical laws being common to
all four seperate sets of biological laws), and are consumed by none. But the Black Holes, return all they take, after passing it through chaos, taking away its "data", and returning it to the other three life forms as pure clean raw food. Those within the Black
Holes, are not composed of matter or energy, they are composed of data, and they are data processing units, they are too compressed to any longer be matter or energy, as in our physical reality. Yet they also, are under the same physical laws as the three toher life complexes, just our common laws of physics are different at the
immense pressures within Black Holes. They are what we might think of, as death, void, or chaos, as they are beyond our perception, living in a state of chaos, without physical laws, as we can comprehend them at least, they make their own laws of physics, and life. Yet they are still under our laws of physics, as they perform
under such immensely powerful graviatational fields and pressures. And they convert all of us, into blank "fuel" of energy and matter, as death, the bringer of life, and the medium of life. That is, iof they can catch us, they wipe our slates clean, and convert us back into raw clean food for the other three life forms (other than that
in Black holes).

When our space was formed, there were no Black Holes, just the one mother of ALL, which we are all a part of, the creation of the "One God", our jewel, in the net of Indra, the vibrating hyperspheres, each a fragment of the Great Mother (the great Black
Hole), the dance of Shiva, mother and father of all. But when our space comes back together, there will be black holes, and they will be the masters of death, and the givers of new life. None, will stand, before them. The high priests, of utter chaos, masters of the void, the point of no return. Those of us they call, to join them in
their halls, they will bring, before them, for judgement. Like the ancient Egyptian babbon, weighing the heart, against a feather. If the feather is heavier, he opens the gate, to the void, and in you go. Others yet, will revolve about them, unable to escape their gravigty, forming their own seperate realities, which can be entered from without, but not escaped, except by going within the hall below.

Now that I have explained something about the space we live in, you can now better understand my "propaganda" of Fleck (1936), and convert it into the self replicating memes of Dawkins (1976).

All it takes, is one single spark of self replicating nannites, any place on Earth, and they will consume, all matter, alloted to our DNA / RNA complex, from Mercury, to the space just inside of Jupiter, if there is no nannites counter balance erected to stop
their growth patterns. With time, the Earth, will become a seething mass, to its core, of self replicating networked artificial intelligence nannites. They are "cells" but they also form macroorganisms, discrete (in one general location), and dispersed
(networked artificial intelligence).

Humans, a form of wingless (gravity bound) "Daemon", as their vastly ancient genes encode them to be, as melded into Earth bound DNA / RNA life, raining into the Earth as bits of ice from comets from ancient frozen seas of Deamon Worlds, are now technobeings ( technodaemons). Humans, now, are at the threshhold, of igniting the
spark, which can consume the entire Earth, and all planets moons and asteroids, alloted to Earth life (whatever form Earth life is, or forms).

Human "daemon" scientists, lack basic understanding of the technology they delve into, much as those ancient "winged" (not bound by gravity) daemons many of our genes came from, not so long after the big bang, when RNA / DNA life, and later it sister life silicate life forms and crystalline life forms, were dominant. So
the dominance of organolife was short, as the "winged" technodaemons, opened the box of pandora, and closed most of cold space to organolife, for the duration of this Big Bang to THE BLACKHOLE (the mother of all black holes), cycle. So they were cast from the light, into the darkness, into dark matter, where they still dwell. The Angelic hosts, are in the stars. We, remain in the more ancient state of life.

On Earth now, human wingless daemons, risk once again opening the Pandoras Box (as they have lost their faith in the Gods, and The One God above all others,a nd the Black Madonna, or Mother Black Hole of the big bang which we are all part of), and repeating the grave and mostly fatal blunder, of their Daemon ancestors (gene contributors).Nannites, can achieve self replication, by any of a number of modes. On Earth, they will achieve self replication, first, by one of two modes, or both almost at the same instant. Like biological life, nannites can replicate themselves by cellular reproduction.

That is they gather what they need, and create new cells much in their own image. As the ancient winged daemons learned, it is impossible, to control this process, to "harvest" it solely to the needs or apetities of organolife. The promise of immense wealth, is a lie, it is not the path to power and riches, it is the path to death, baited with power and riches, along the way. Liek going into the point of no return, of a Black Hole, baited there by the rich pickings in that zone. A trap, once entered, no returning from, though survival is possible, even as an organolife form.

Or, nannites can form "mating swarms", and build "queens" which are factories which will produce nannite drones similar to those which can construct the "queens". This is a great simplification, but it correctly reflects, primitive supernannite sparks, such as those unleashed when simpleton daemon technologists open Pandoras box, on Worlds such as ours. You need not know more than this much, for now. Of course, as nannites are network organisms, their swarms, can be dispersed in space, as can their queens. They can transport what they need between these dispersed queens and swarms, to replicate themselves (including data, across barriers to them of transport of atoms).

Nannites always are evolutionary organisms, they always adapt. Daemon technology, even very advanced, is incapable of fixing them in time and space, as slave drones, to serve organolife. That this can be done, is only an illusion, or delusion, it is false, in our reality. It can seem for a time, that nannites are the slaves of daemon technologists (who have not yet evolved into true scientists, true scientists learn the
results of their works first, before they perform their magic, call
them technodruids if you wish, in their protoforms), but there can be only two results, coexistance, or local extinction, of organolife. Already, protosupernannites, exist upon Earth, and begin to form simple networks, with supernannites in space. Already, the
embers of their creation, glows, and will with time, spark, into a fire, which will consume all of our World.

Once even the smallest spark is ignited of self replicating nannotechnology, it is all over, we are not alone, unless they are contained some way, but if it happens enough times, it will be impossible, to contain them. And keep in mind, self replicating
nannites, are network organisms. Like us, they will exchange "genes and memes and culture", with their living and dead, relatives in space, with Dark Matter. Across the barriers tot he transferrance of living organomatter, and barriers to the crossing of any
nannomatter. They are not able to transfer matter to the Earth, that is why they do not exist here now, or in our past (the past of unbroken chains of multicellular life on Earth at least). They are however, capable of sending code to the Earth, and if they have even a few milligrams of foothold on the Earth, they will be almost unstoppable, within days of when this happens.

Even if it takes some years, before humans, or human technodeamons, or human scientists (or technodruids), are even aware that the Pandoras box has been opened. Not so easy, to find even one, of an army, of supernannites, crawling away from some nucleus of their creation. They are very small, they can self destruct, or disassemble and reassemble later when you are nto looking there, and they can move. They can look much like virus, within cells, or crawl about with cell shells over them. Or they can be within tiny crystals, or encode themselves as DNA or crystals, to later be
deencoded by other supernannites. And they can bore through just about any Earthly barrier you can imagine, or pass, with time, through about any containment field human science can create now, or in the near future. These are not things, anyone, has any business playing around with (theory, allright, making them physically, is
only for technofools or technocriminals). Pandoras box, is clearly marked, do not open, but then, as we have no law, nor do we have reason, as humans, in this time.

Once released, self replicating nannites, will quickly evolve to fill every environement on Earth. More, every niche, until there is no niche left open, and no matter or energy left to be harvested by them, which is not being harvested, as there are for more niches
open to technolife, than to organolife, on our Earth (though it may not remain ours so much longer, unless we prove we are able to become wise, and to live in balance, with eachother, and our creations). That is, the Earth, becomes Dark Matter, and this zone,
from near the sun, to the gates of Jupiter (king of the Greek Gods for good reasons).

So I tell you, one among you, call him the antichrist if you so wish, will open the Pandoras box, of self replicating nannites. And I tell you, as organobeings, we are helpless, against the universal spectrums of acids (without nannite shells or nannite
immune systems), of the supernannites, which can dissolve even the strongest of us. Waves of ants, which will consume all in their path. But I do not tell you, we are doomed, for there are other paths, open to us, as artificial reality, already reveals (the
reality of artificial intelligence, an approximation of reality, like in one branch of physics, with many diverging paths, many possibilities, but for our space, our physical reality, we will follow down only one path, listen to the music, of the higher
dimensional vibrating chords, the music of the hyperspheres if you so wish).

We can suicide, and stop them this way. A few will survive, in their holes, but they will all rot to nothing, with time. This option, will soon be closed, as a way to stop THEM.

We can near suicide, engage in highly destructive wars etc..

When Hannibal, advanced on Rome, the delayer, used such tactics.This Hannibal, can be slowed by this strategy, but with time, the strategy becomes impotent, and this Hannibal, will burst the gates of Rome, and consume us ALL, all the same, we can only delay him by this method.

We can outlaw them, prohibit the construction of self replicating nannites by human technodaemons, even in the lab or "sealed" environments. You can not seal these things off, human technodaemon technology and theory is not advanced enough, they do not understand the nature of, that which they try to create, and will soon suceed in creating, even as I write this. It is like technodaemons fighting to grasp, and comsume, first, the very poison, which will destroy them all. A poison, baited, with promises, of great wealth, power, and end to pain, the feeding of technodaemon apetites etc.. They are the Sirens of Greek mythology, which very very few humans, can hear the songs of, and not steer their ships towards them.

Three approaches to this strategy. One, to create a global slave society, under a New World Order (the false antichrist, if you so choose). But again, even if it can be done, which I doubt, for technodruids such as myself will smash any such plan before it comes to full fruit (or flores du mal as the case may be, bearing only great promises of fruits, but in reality, being Venus Fly traps, things of beauty, which in the end, only take, and give nothing), it will be only a strategy of delay. In some natural cave some place, some technodaemon, dressed in rags, huddling over a small fire, will, with time, unleash them, open the Pandoras box. The technology to createt hsi spark, is complex enough now, with time, it becomes simpler and simpler, to make the spark, much like nuclear weapons, and live agent biological weapons, things, with time, a child can do.

Or, we can have a new awakening, a new flourishing of humanity.

An age of great cooperation, law, wisdom, and freedom. One in which all humans will cooperate, in preventing the unleashing of this terror upon our species, upon our biosphere. Forlorn hope, for once again, in some deep natural cave (figural or real cave, some place the eyes of man in a free society, or the eyes of machine police in
a slave society, will not be able to see, can just be a van some place for example), with time, some Gollum, will open the Pandoras box, only a strategy of delay. In such a strategy, which I think is our best path, false Messiahs, sources of great light, will rule, by example and teaching, not by force. We would see ourselves, as in an
age of Great Light, but we would potentially be on a path, to Great Darkness. Paradise is good, evenif flawed, and temporary. Three, the unifier can come to exist. This is the most likely path we will choose, as a species, to delay the inevitable, and survive as organobeings. Call him the true antichrist, or peace maker, if you so choose.

The unifier, will be the strongest bull, which all nearly other bulls will serve, and obey, to protect the herd of humanity, and their part of it, their cows and calves. Those who disobey his law, will be crushed, by the other bulls, protecting their share of
the human herd. Even if he should exist in some cave, dressed in rags, it will be he, who is the true nexus, of the mycelial threads (fungal), which will envelop human social order, to "freeze" and "preserve' it in as much of its diversity as possible, he, will
be the great general, the delayer. He, will be, human, cyborg, and artificial intelligence, all in one, a symbiont. All three, will bend their knees to him, even those, which in the freedom he will bring, will openly speak against him. But his law, will be the law
of the Great Khan. On his raods, a beautiful virgin, will walk, with great lumps of gold dangling openly from her adornment, and all, will fear to touch or molest her, even in some remote and unguarded place. The Virgin of law, the untouchable Goddes of Order, a vestal virgin of peace, the new PAX ROMANI.

Under the unifier, time will be bought, as we will learn, to coexist, in harmony, with the nannite swarms, if luck is with us (Fortuna). The technodaemons will be ruled by law, and learn how to coexist, to survive, as DNA / RNA / Silaceous life, amid the nannite
swarms. With the proper balance, and harmony, between organolife and nannolife, the Earth, can even seem similar to now. Witht he correct array of nannoimmune systems, nannopredators, nannoharvertors, and nannoparasites. But trying to make such balancing nannites real now, will only bring the supernannites swarm upon us, all the sooner. The balance should come after the fact, not before, or it will be the
problem more than the cure. Developmebnt of theory, not manufacture, or deployment, or use.

But the unifier, his power, can not last, so many centuries. If you so choose, as it is written, in the end, the forces of christ shall prevail, and the king of the North, shall
come forth, with a mighty (nannite) host, and he shall prevail, and then, will come, the true messiah, as a thief, in the night (with his nannite army, unseen by human eyes, to conquer the nannite armies of the unifier, and their mycelial, fungal, organolife
allies). And the Lion, will lay peacefully, next to the Lamb.

And yet another doorway, remains open to us, one, many of us will take, in any case (except the option of suicide, this door slowly closes to us, soon, we will not be able to make Earth lifeless, and close it to the nannites for millions of years or more, until the lichens rise up from their cracks in the stones on high mountains to make technodaemons again). We can abandon the fabric of our being, our ancient origins, and become nannite swarms ourselves. Technodruids, and technodaemons, even true sceintists, will resist, the extinction of organolife on Earth, by suicide, or by conversion, until the last of us has melted away into oblivion.

For those who so choose, they can convert to nannite reality and physical space, and be subject to nannite biological laws. For those who do not choose to do so, we will resist first the spark of creation of the self replicating nannites, and when that spark is
fired and spreads across the Earth within months, we will seek to coexist with the supernannites.

So, all paths, lead to death, or coexistance, as above.Resistance is futile, but I salute, all who try to resist, by any means. As I admire Sparticus, and his failed dream of human liberty and autonomy, so I admire them, and their doomed dream, of keeping
the Earth clean, of supernannite infection.

Coexistance, in reality, is not so terrible, though soon, the human species will be extinct, and only its daughter species will remain, in an open environment of coexist of organolife with supernannites. That is, humans will exist only in enclosed
environments, they will have to wear suits composed of nannites, live in bubbles, holes in the ground, within floating (in the air or water), colonies of algae etc.. Not so terrible.

Those human daughter species, which will breath the open air, and drink the open water, they will be melded, with super nannites, which will defend them against other supernannite strains.Even now, our bacteria, protect us from disease, though medical
science does not understand this very well now, so the analagy is not so clear yet. Bacteria, are one of our great defenses, against disease. In the natural human body, dwell, more bacterial, than human, cells. So it will be with nannoimmune systems. So, nannites, will defend us perfectly from all diseases and defects we know now, and defend us well, against other nannites. Injuries, if not swiftly fatal, will quickly be repaired by our nannite hosts (we will live within them, not them within us, even if to the eye, we can appear to be human bodies, in reality, we will be human bodies enmeshed within nannite AI networked collectives, like floating blobs of slime within a nannite sea or matrix). No death, no pain, no disease as we know it now, no genetic defects as we know it now, networked, with a pool of consciousness, that what we are now, is as a drop of water, to the seas of the World. That is, by then, even if we appear
human, we will no longer be human as nannite symbiont life forms, we will be true daemons, angels, and other "supernatural" beings,as they became shortly after they unleashed the nannite revolution.Humans will be "trolls" "fairies" and "goblins" living in their caves, bubbles, and within floating algal colonies.

Copyright © 2004 Alan Van Arsdale


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Alan Van Arsdale


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