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Dr. oec. Christoph Meili


He is CEO of DIE INNOVATIONSGESELLSCHAT (The Innovation Society), a research and consulting company specialised in Innovation - & Risk- and Communication-management in new technologies. He is a senior lecturer at the university of St.Gallen teaching General Management.

He studied biotechnology and molecular biology at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich and economics at the university of St.Gallen, where he received a Ph.D in Management.

He was working for several years as a senior consultant and researcher at the institute of insurance economics of the university of St.Gallen heading a competence center dealing with risk-topics and new technologies (Nano-, Biotech, genetic engineering).

He initiated several stakeholder technology pl atforms (food-risk, genetic-engineering, nano-regulation).

He lives with his family near St.Gallen in Switzerland.

Contact: christoph.meili@innovationsgesellschaft.ch


Die Innovationsgesellschaft mbH
Lerchenfeldstr. 5
9014 St.Gallen

Fon: +41 (0)71 274 74 17
Fax: +41 (0)71 333 45 69
Mob: +41 (0)76 326 77 97

Skype: cmeili
Web: www.innovationsgesellschaft.ch
Mail: christoph.meili@innovationsgesellschaft.ch



bringt als Kompetenzzentrum die Themen Innovations-, Risikomanagement, Strategie und Kommunikation zusammen. Wir beraten öffentliche und private Organisationen an der
Schnittstelle: Neue Technologien, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft.



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Dr. Christoph Meili

Die Innovationsgesellschaft mbH



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