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Darrell Brookstein

Investment executive


Mr. Brookstein is a financial executive with more than 30 years experience in the financial markets. His boutique investment firms have assisted in raising more than $200 hundred million for companies that grew to over $5 billion in market capitalization.

Mr. Brookstein has operated Broker/Dealers, Investment Advisors, Commodity Trading Advisors, as well as private equity and hedge funds. Darrell was president of Aslan Associates, Inc. (Bethesda, MD), president of First Georgetown Securities, Inc. (Washington, DC), president of Resource Development Advisors, Inc. (San Diego), the manager of Excalibur Funds Group, and president of Aslan Financial Group, Ltd. (Santa Barbara, CA).

He has been interviewed for international publications and appeared on financial television and radio. Mr. Brookstein has written extensively on financial and investment subjects, including as editor of the respected monthly newsletter, The Prospector, for 9 years. Mr. Brookstein began to focus his professional energies into building the leading financial and corporate development firm for nanotech companies in 2001.

In early 2002, he and National Academy of Sciences member, and noted bio-nanoscientist, Erkki Ruoslahti, MD, PhD began collaboration to found The Nanotech Company. Mr. Brookstein is Managing Director of the firm.

He is the author of Nanotech Fortunes: Make Yours in the Boom; Winning Strategies, and editor of the respected e-digest of nanotech news, The Best of the Nanoweek. Mr. Brookstein received his BA from Duke University.

Darrell is also the author of the first book on “small technology” investing, Nanotech Fortunes: Make Yours in the Boom; Winning Strategies, and is the Managing Director of nanotechnology.com


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Darrell Brookstein
Managing Director

The Nanotech Company, LLC
3525 Del Mar Heights Road
San Diego, CA 92130
+ 858 794 0848

email : info@nanotechnology.com


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Darrell Brookstein


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