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Drs. Ineke Malsch

Ineke Malsch and Volker Lieffering, 5 November 2004

Nanotechnology in Mexico


Mexico counts eleven research groups at three universities and two research institutes, which are active in nanotechnology. About ninety researchers are engaged in relevant research. The main trends in nanotechnology research in this Central American country are development of new materials, properties of nanoparticles and nanostructures and nanodevices. These are some results of Volker Lieffering’s “Study on the Nanotechnology and Microsystems Technology sector in Mexico”, published by Malsch TechnoValuation in November 2004.

Two Mexican companies are openly active in nanotechnology. Recently, Mexican researchers have developed and patented anti-graffiti paint based on nanotechnology. The study also gives an overview of nanotechnology application potential in sectors which are important for the Mexican economy. These sectors are renewable energy, agriculture and environment.

There is currently no national nanotechnology research programme, but nanotechnology research and technology transfer projects can be funded through several national and international programmes. Mexican researchers are collaborating with partners in the USA as well as Europe. The study gives practical information on these.

A bottleneck for the development of a Mexican nanotechnology industry is the current patent system. Chris Kraul published “For researchers in Mexico, apathy has been the smotherer of invention” in LA Times, 4 December 2003, complaining about this. The Mexican government had better cut some red tape quickly, to stimulate the ninety nano-enthusiasts currently working in the country to stay home and invent good nano-products for the country’s sustainable development. Given the expected global lack of qualified nanotechnology personnel in the near future, the absence of speedy action will definitely enhance the brain drain.

We have decided to publish this book because the Latin American nanotechnology scene is systematically being ignored in analyst reports and studies about nanotechnology in the world. Only Dr Mihail Roco of the National Nanotechnology Initiative in the USA has published about nanotechnology in Mexico before. With this “Study on the Nanotechnology and Microsystems Technology sector in Mexico” we hope to facilitate European-Mexican nano-collaborations. After all, good scientists and technologists can originate from any part of our global knowledge society.

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Drs. Ineke Malsch



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