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Dylan Penner



Executive Director of ACT for the Earth

Dylan Penner is Executive Director of ACT for the Earth. He also serves as Editor of ACT for the Earth's quarterly publication, the ACTivist Magazine. Dylan has a diverse campaign background with civil society groups including Sierra Club of Canada, the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, and Greenpeace, where he worked on biotech issues extensively. He has been with ACT since 2002.

ACT for the Earth formed as Against Cruise Testing in 1982 and later became ACT for Disarmament. Over the years ACT has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to take action for a better world and remains been a leading international voice for peace, ecology and human rights. ACT has founded many successful international campaigns including the International Campaign for the Innu and the Earth and the East Timor Alert Network. In 1992, ACT and INFACT won a victory in the boycott of General Electric, when the company announces it would discontinue its manufacturing of strategic nuclear weapons.

ACT for the Earth launched its Nano-Justice campaign on May 13, 2005 with a public forum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, featuring Percy Schmeiser the Canadian farmer who was sued by Monsanto. The Nano-Justice campaign aims to shine a spotlight on the convergence of biotechnology and nanotechnology and the potential threats the technologies pose to biodiversity, environmental safety, and human health.

Dylan is available as a public speaker for meetings and conferences.

ACT for the Earth publisher of The ACTivist magazine

238 Queen Street West, lower level Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1Z7 Canada

Tel : +1-416-880-6245

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Dylan Penner



Nano-Justice and Food Sovereignty



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