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Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
Nanotechnology Industries


Gina "Nanogirl" Miller is the founder of the Nanotechnology Industries website (est. 1998) and accompanying freely distributed Nanogirl News service. Nanotechnology advisor for the Extropy Institute. Regular contributor to The Immortalist and the Alcor Publication Cryonics.

Miller is three times Discreet certified in different areas of the 3D animation program 3D Studio Max, for the specific purpose of visually demonstrating the future applications of nanotechnology.

Much of this work has been featured in major publications and exhibits.

For more biographical information and listed works please see: http://www.nanoindustries.com/about/ginamiller.html URLs: Nanotechnology Industries www.nanoindustries.com Personal site and artwork: http://www.nanogirl.com/index2.html


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Gina Miller


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