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Michael E. Thomas

CEO/President/Chairman of
Colossal Storage Corporation



The molecule switches at Nanosecond Speeds and has been slowed down considerably to allow the viewer a chance to see the molecule in action.

Normally the molecule can switch at < 160 picoseconds while maintaining ferroelectric bistable properties at a 5 nanometer cell size.

This is a very basic schematic showing the Theory of the World's First and Only Concept Created by Michael E. Thomas'   of a Non-Contact UV/Deep Blue Laser Photon Induced Electric Field Poling of the Ferroelectric Molecule .


Breakthrough Ferroelectric Spintronics


The 4 UV laser diodes and 2 electric field transducers of the Integrated Read/Write Head can be used in any combination or sequence to control the molecules. A Floating Gate Mosfet is used to read data.

The possibility of quantum interference using qubits is a definite possibility having spintronic entangled particle ghost backup data. Allowing the possibility of having more than one computer accessing the same storage device at the sametime increasing bandwidths to commonly shared data storage.

3 of America's Top Universities and Scientist are working on " Proof of Concept " developing optimal ferroelectric materials used in the patented 2D / 3D Atomic Holographic Spintronic Data Storage and 3D OLED Display Nanotechnology.

Electrons have electro magnetic properties whose electron movement is called electric current that can be measured by the abundance of or lack of electrons in the ferroelectric nucleus called voltage or static charge.

Ferroelectric spintronics is the method of using electric fields and photons to alter properties of ferroelectrics molecules for data manipulation by changing the internal geometry of ferroelectric atoms.

The technology concept is to use Polarized UV photons having resonant frequencies of the ferroelectric molecule along with Nano/Microwave Electric Fields to control electron movement, electron spin, electron electric field polarity, and electron electro magnetic fields for optical display imagery and data storage applications.

Thomas believes that intraband / outerband resonant absorption by circularly polarized UV photons leads to spin polarization of electrons. Then it is possible to say an "Atomic Quantum Switch" carries electro-static field, electro-magnetic field, and spin orientation that can be made to represent non-volatile atomic data.

The ferroelectric molecule can Store Independent Variable Analog Bit Cell Voltages from - 6v to + 6v in .05v step increments in random read write patterns for use in future audio and video markets. 1 Analog voltage bit cell can be made to represent positive or negative numbers like -256, +512, -1024, or symbols like ╕╘ ╚ ╜╞ ∏ ∑ ₧ شک representing data values.

The dipole position of the central atom is always in one of two binary positions which dictates whether the ferroelectric molecule, looking from the top down, is a north south positive polarity or a south north negative polarity electric field.

Removal of the second UV light source (Quantum energy is characterized lower - not to induce electron movement into the conduction band) leaves the ferroelectric molecule in its initial electrical field stored state. More new definition of terms includes light induced positive electrical fields, normal non-induced electrical field , and light induced negative electrical fields.

The stored electrical field potential of a ferroelectric molecule can be made to represent, at least four electrostatic spintronic field states equal to binary information.

Thomas found that Ultraviolet light was not only important to create free conduction band electrons but that UV is the " Fountain of Youth " for ferroelectric molecules.

That the use of UV in ferroelectric applications prevents fatigue and pinning of the Atomic Molecular Dipole.

A secret not widely known in the use of ferroelectric materials except by a few ferroelectric materials experts like Colossal.

Double sided disk and tape can be produced by separating the ferroelectric molecular coating layer by a plastic, metal, glass, or ceramic substrate.

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