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Neil Gordon P.Eng, MBA

Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance


Neil Gordon is the President of the Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance and specializes in the commercialization of nanotechnology and MEMS. As a nanotechnology business consultant he works with nanotechnology investors, early stage ventures, business units in large companies, and government agencies in assessing investment opportunities, establishing strategies, developing business plans, obtaining financing, defining sales opportunities and tactics, launching new technologies, and developing marketing campaigns. He developed the InfoCast Executive Seminars "Developing a Winning Nanotechnology Business Case" and "Bringing Nanotech Products to Market".

Neil heads the Commercialization Committee for CANEUS, which is defining micro and nanotechnology standards for the aerospace industry. He is also on the Advisory Boards of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report and the World NanoEconomic Congress, was Judge for the annual SmallTimes Awards, and is regularly interviewed as a nanotechnology industry analyst. Neil was a Runner-up as Nanotechnology Advocate in Nanotech-Now.com`s “Best of Nanotechnology 2003” Awards.

Neil has a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from McGill University, an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, and 20 years of business experience, including as co-founder of two technology start-ups.

Neil can be reached at neil.gordon@nanobusiness.ca

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Neil Gordon
P.Eng, MBA

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