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Patric Salomon


Patric Salomon is the Director and Owner of Berlin/Germany-based 4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH, a Micro Nano Technology (MNT) company that offers services in the areas of marketing, project management, and commercialization strategies for the MNT-dependant industry. 4M2C is currently working on a number of projects (EC, DIIRD Victoria/AUS, private sector) with focus on the transfer of R&D results into industry, on R&D strategies, and on marketing/dissemination services.

Patric Salomon has an Engineering Degree in Microelectronics from the Technical University of Berlin. He is involved in a number of international MNT networks and alliances, e.g. NEXUS, MEMS Industry Group, MANCEF, IVAM, Europractice, etc. He is a contributing editor of MST News, the major Euro-pean microsystems journal and a guest editor of MicroNano, the major US-based MNT Newsletter. In addition, he is the publisher of ‘enablingMNT Industry Reviews’, a series of industry-focused reports that cover the whole supply chain of MNT-based products. Customised research and consulting ser-vices offered by 4M2C with the enablingMNT team range from market research, business development support and partner search for industrial customers to benchmarking and exploitation strategy development for public bodies.

During his 10 years as a Project Manager for microsystems consultancy at VDI/VDE-IT (1990-1999), he had the responsibility for the funding of industrial projects in the German microsystems program. From 1997, he was the main point of contact for links to European M&NT networks (NEXUS, EURIMUS, EUROPRACTICE) and overseas projects (DARPA/USA, Asia), and from 1998 also the manager of commercial networking/transfer projects.

In 2000, Patric Salomon launched German operations for a French MEMS supplier. In addition to his regional responsibilities, he was the Marketing Director Europe.

Contact Information:

Patric Salomon - Managing Director
Cranachstrasse 1, 12157 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 2435 7870
E-mail: patric.salomon@4m2c.com

Link : enablingMNT

Copyright © 2004 Patric Salomon


extra info : enablingMNT

enablingMNT comprises a group of independent experts, with extensive and wide-ranging industrial experience, who advice Micro and Nanotechnology organisations on product commercialisation and business development.

enablingMNT is a truly international consultancy organisation with partners in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands and world-wide links. All partners have a long-standing industrial background having worked in leading companies in their field such as Philips, BAE Systems, OnStream, Memscap, Marconi, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik and Frost & Sullivan.

The team covers the four sectors of business development:
• Market Research and Forecasting
• Exploitation Strategies, Marketing & Publicity
• Partner, Supplier and Customer Identification
• System Engineering.

The collaborative research of the enablingMNT team (Henne van Heeren, Patric Salomon, Lia Paschalidou, and Ayman El-Fatatry) has, to date, culminated in a series of in-depth intelligence reviews on the supply chain of Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT): enablingMNT Industry Reviews.

Link : enablingMNT

Patric Salomon


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