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Prof. K. K. Jain


Professor K. K. Jain, a citizen of Canada as well as Switzerland , is a neurologist/ neurosurgeon by training. He received graduate training in Europe, Canada and the US and has held academic positions in several countries. He has been working in the biotechnology/ biopharmaceuticals industry since 1989 when he settled in Basel , Switzerland . He has been elected a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal Colleges of UK .

Prof. Jain is the author of over 348 publications including 11 books and 44 special reports. The reports topics include genomics, proteomics, molecular diagnostics, gene therapy, RNA interference, nanobiotechnology, drug delivery, neurological disorders and personalized medicine. He has also written a textbook of gene therapy (now translated into Chinese). He is an associate editor of Medlink Neurology, an electronic encyclopedia of neurology published by Medlink Corporation ( San Diego , California ) for the continuing education of neurologists. He is also the author in charge of writing and regularly updating 125 of the approximately 1100 articles in this program.

Prof. Jain founded Jain PharmaBiotech in 1996. In addition to research, consulting work and lectures, a major activity of the company is publication and continuous updating of some of the reports. Currently 16 titles are available and are updated at least once a month. This is a unique approach to publishing up-to-date information that is not offered by any competing publisher of reports in this area.


Publications on nanobiotechnology


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  8. Role of Nanobiotechnology-based Drug Delivery in the Development of Nanomedicine. In, Thassu D, et al (eds) Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems: Recent Trends and Emerging Technologies. CRC Press, Florida , 2005.

Prof. K. K. Jain MD, FRCS(C), FRACS, FFPM
Blaesiring 7
CH-4057 Basel , Switzerland
Tel/Fax: +4161 692 44 61
E-mail: jain@pharmabiotech.ch
Web site: http://pharmabiotech.ch/

Copyright © 2005 Professor K. K. Jain

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Prof. K. K. Jain

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