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EV Group collaborates with Jinsan Scientific Co. Ltd. on new cleanroom facility at Korea’s Sung Kyun Kwan University

SCHÄRDING, Austria – Feb. 1, 2005 – EV Group (EVG), a leading manufacturer of MEMS, nano and semiconductor wafer-processing equipment, today announced that it will open a joint cleanroom facility in Korea with its agent Jinsan Scientific Co. Ltd. and Jinsan Micro-Engineering Ltd. (JML). The new facility is located at the Technology Innovation Center of Sung Kyun Kwan University (SKKU) in Suwon, Korea.

The JML lab is designed for MEMS and advanced-packaging processes as well as for nanoimprint lithography, and contains a state-of-the-art Class 100 cleanroom. As the lead equipment supplier for the facility, EV Group will provide tools for advanced lithography and wafer-bonding processes. These include an EVG6200 Infinity mask-and-bond aligner, an EVG520HE semi-automated wafer-bonding and hot-embossing system and an EVG101 spin-and-spray coating system. All systems are capable of processing wafers and substrates up to 200mm. Other equipment suppliers for the cleanroom include Surface Technology Systems plc, technotrans AG and Raith GmbH.

“This collaborative, state-of-the-art facility will be a core site to perform research, run sample processes and qualify processes in close proximity to the Korean customer base,” said Dr. Peter Podesser, chief executive officer of EV Group. “In addition, we can significantly increase our presence in the Korean market and offer high-level technology support with equipment that is clearly focussed to cover all well-established processes and technologies, including spin-and-spray coating, lithography and bonding, as well as nanoimprint and hot-embossing processes.”

In conjunction with the official opening of the facility on March 10, a two-day workshop on nanoimprint lithography and wafer-level packaging will be held on March 10-11 at the Technology Innovation Center. The workshop will feature sessions by EV Group, technotrans and Raith, as well as leading research organizations in the Asian region, such as Waseda University, and the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM).

About Jinsan Scientific

Founded in 1992, Jinsan Scientific Co., Ltd. and JML (Jinsan Micro-Engineering Ltd.) are supplying equipment for MEMS and Nanotechnology, as well as providing foundry service for applications such as MEMS and NEMS. Equipment includes EV Group’s spin/spray coater, mask aligner, wafer bonder, UV Imprint and hot-embossing equipment, an STS Deep Si Etcher, technotrans’ electroplating system for stamp manufacturing of nanotechnology, and a Raith E-Beam Lithography System for nano-patterning. For more information, visit www.jinsanco.co.kr.

Jinsan Scientific Co., Ltd

3F Hwajin Bldg, 13-2, Woomyun-Dong,

Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel: 822-578-4271

fax: 822-578-4274

About EV Group
Founded in 1980, EV Group is a global supplier of wafer bonders, aligners, photoresist coaters, cleaners and inspection systems for semiconductor, MEMS and emerging nanotechnology markets. EV Group holds the dominant share of the market for wafer bonding equipment (especially SOI bonding) and is a leader in lithography for advanced packaging, MEMS and nanotechnology. The company’s unique Triple I approach (Invent – Innovate – Implement) is supported by a vertical infrastructure, allowing EV Group to respond quickly to new technology development, apply the technology to manufacturing challenges and expedite volume production. Headquartered in Schärding, Austria, EV Group operates via a global customer support network, with subsidiaries in Tempe, Arizona; Albany, New York; Yokohama and Fukuoka, Japan; and Chung-Li, Taiwan. For more information, visit www.EVGroup.com <http://www.evgroup.com/> .


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