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Deadline Nears for 'EFAB(tm) Access' Run

Microfabrica and MOSIS accepting second-run design
submissions through June 27

Burbank, CA - June 13, 2005 - Monday, June 27, is the deadline to submit designs for the second run of EFAB(tm) Access, the first low-cost multi-project run service to offer Microfabrica's breakthrough 3-D micromanufacturing technology, through a partnership with MOSIS. The companies have also announced that the deadline for the third EFAB(tm) Access run will be September 26, 2005 and the fourth and final submission deadline for this year will be December 19, 2005.

WHAT: EFAB(tm) Access gives companies, universities, research labs, and individuals the ability to design three-dimensional MEMS and microdevices and have their prototypes produced economically through MOSIS. The run allows devices to be built with up to 20 structural layers and is priced at $5,000 (domestic), which is less than 10% of a typical dedicated EFAB technology run.

WHO: The program is made possible through a partnership between Microfabrica, a leader in microdevice and microsystem fabrication, and MOSIS, the leading low-cost prototyping and small-volume production service for integrated circuit development.

WHEN: The deadline to submit 3-D microdevice designs for the second run of EFAB(tm) Access is June 27, 2005. The deadline for the third run is September 26, 2005 and the fourth and final run for 2005 is December 19.

WHERE: EFAB(tm) Access participants can submit their designs to MOSIS, which will then prepare the multi-project run layout for Microfabrica. For specific requirements and additional information, please visit www.efabaccess.com.

About Microfabrica Inc.
Founded in 1999, Microfabrica Inc. is a leader in microdevice manufacturing. The company's breakthrough proprietary EFAB(tm) technology brings a new paradigm to micromanufacturing, offering unprecedented flexibility, ease-of-use and quick time-to-market in a wide range of applications including wireless, consumer electronics, automotive and military/aerospace. EFAB is the first manufacturing technology that can fabricate intricate, truly three-dimensional microdevices by depositing many tens of precision metal layers. The technology opens up a world of possibilities for complex microdevices and microsystems previously impossible or impractical to manufacture using other approaches.

Microfabrica is headquartered in Burbank, California. For more information, please visit www.microfabrica.com

MOSIS is the leading low-cost prototyping and small-volume production service for VLSI circuit development. Since 1981, MOSIS has fabricated more than 50,000 circuit designs for commercial firms, government agencies, and research and educational institutions around the world.

MOSIS provides designers with a single interface to the constantly changing technologies of the semiconductor industry. Mask generation, wafer fabrication, and device packaging are contracted to leading industry vendors.

MOSIS is based in Marina del Rey, California. For more information, please visit www.mosis.org.

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