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GEMZ Corp. in Negotiations to Acquire Nanotechnology Based on Bucky Balls

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 26, 2004--GEMZ Corp. (OTC: GMZP) today announced that it is in negotiations to acquire a nanotechnology based on bucky balls.

Bucky balls, also known as Fullerenes, after the architect Buckminster Fuller, are the roundest and most symmetrical large molecule known to man and are the largest symmetrical molecules known in the nanoscience world. A bucky ball is chemically stable and is an allotrope of carbon. Bucky balls are hollow spheres and ovoids. They are formed from 60 carbon molecules in the shape of a sphere. and are made up of twelve hexagons connected to twenty pentagons, forming a figure similar to a soccer ball. One form of bucky ball, known as C60 is the third major form of pure carbon; graphite and diamond are the other two. Graphite and diamonds have greatly improved technology in many fields, with their properties, such as their strength and hardness. The C60 molecule has the special property of being able to absorb large numbers of hydrogen atoms--almost one hydrogen atom for each carbon atom --without disrupting the bucky ball structure. This property suggests that fullerenes may be a better storage medium for hydrogen than metal hydrides, the best current material, and hence possibly a key factor in the development of new batteries and even of non-polluting automobiles based on fuel cells. If we can manipulate carbon into a structure that can absorb hydrogen, then hydrogen can used as a fuel, like gasoline.

The technology that GEMZ Corp. is negotiating to acquire focuses on using bucky balls as a method of storing hydrogen to create better batteries and/or fuel cells.

About GEMZ Corp.

GEMZ Corp. is a publicly traded company located in New York City. Its new corporate website is www.gemzcorp.net.



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