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mPhase Technologies Takes Home the Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Technology Award for its Innovative Batteries

FORT MYERS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 2005--Frost & Sullivan will present mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTC:XDSL) with the 2005 Excellence in Technology Award at tonight's Best Practices Awards Banquet in recognition of company's outstanding performance in the field of smart batteries. The award acknowledges mPhase's creation of an inventive nano-based battery, developed in collaboration with Bell Labs, the R&D arm of Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU).

Every year, Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to the company that has pioneered the development and introduction of an innovative technology, which has either affected or has the potential to influence several market sectors. This Award recognizes a company's successful technology development that is expected to bring significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture. It also recognizes the overall technical excellence of a company and its commitment to technology innovation.

Rapid technological advances in the area of microfluidics have made it possible to dynamically control the way liquids interact with surfaces at the micro and macro levels. This enhanced control has gone a long way in helping mPhase develop batteries with longer shelf life, a high storage capacity, and the capability to be activated instantly.

"mPhase chose various battery chemistries and nanostructures to provide a technical framework for understanding the behavior and the processes needed to develop a working battery," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Kasturi Nadkarny. "Through an iterative process of analysis and characterization, mPhase researchers, in collaboration with Bell Labs, enhanced battery technology with nanotechnology advancements to ultimately provide a framework for a range of batteries possessing various energy and power density characteristics."

In order to advance the battery design for commercialization, developers have to leverage several factors such as environmental conditions, the shape of the electronic device that needs to be powered, and the duty cycle of the device.

"Smart batteries built on such a nanostructured approach exhibit improved power densities compared to other reserve battery technologies due to better utilization of internal surface area," explains Nadkarny. "The design of the battery is such that it does not require ancillary structures to create physical separators between the electrolyte and electrodes."

"mPhase has been a pioneer in taking core nanotechnology research and innovations coming out of Bell Labs and implementing them in ways that will lead to powerful real-life products," said Dave Bishop, vice president of nanotechnology at Bell Labs, and president of the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium. "What mPhase is doing with nano-based smart batteries is an excellent example of this leadership and this award from Frost and Sullivan further validates their product's potential impact."

The distinctive architecture enables a wide range of aqueous and non-aqueous chemistries adapted to fit the design, in addition to the ability to selectively activate individual nanocells. These batteries are readily scalable, easy to miniaturize, and compatible with most semiconductor processing techniques. In addition, they can be integrated with the devices they power as tiny packages.

Depending on specific chemistries, characteristics such as size, weight, and shelf life can be improved in designs optimized to power numerous portable electronic devices, including sensors and transmitters for sensor networks. It is also possible to design flexible packaging that can be integrated with shaped or conformal batteries to help them operate within the requirements of the physical dimensions of existing electronic devices.

"mPhase's battery technology has the potential to herald new portable device applications in the aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, industrial, and healthcare sectors," observes Nadkarny. "For homeland security and first responders, such batteries would be particularly useful because they could be stored, for decades, without fear of dissipation."

Held in Fort Myers, Fla., the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards Banquet honors world-class companies for outstanding performance and achievements in their industries. An annual event, the banquet recognizes the quality and merit of distinguished individuals and companies.

About mPhase

mPhase Technologies Inc. (OTC:XDSL) develops and commercializes next-generation telecommunications and nanotechnology solutions, delivering novel systems to the marketplace that advance functionality and reduce costs. In telecommunications, the Company's mPhase TV+ platform cost-effectively and reliably delivers entertainment digital television, high-speed Internet access and traditional telephone service over existing copper telephone lines. mPhase also offers a growing line of innovative DSL component products, such as the iPOTS, designed to help service providers lower the provisioning and operating costs associated with DSL. The company is bringing nanotechnology out of the laboratory and into the market with a planned innovative, long-life power cell. More information is available at the mPhase Web site at www.mPhaseTech.com.

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