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Madison, WI – January 10, 2005 – Imago® Scientific Instruments, a world leader in atomic-scale imaging and analytical solutions, announced today that Terry Walker has joined the company as Vice President of Manufacturing. Walker‘s appointment comes during a period of strong growth and represents another positive step in the evolution of the company.

Terry is an exciting addition to our organization, “said Timothy Stultz, President and CEO of Imago. Dr. Stultz added, “Terry impressed the Imago team with his outstanding achievements in supporting rapid growth, meeting production goals, and building quality products. . Mr. Walker’s reputation for operational excellence and innovation will ensure that Imago continues to deliver world-class Nanolytical® systems that meet the stringent demands of its customers.”

Terry brings more than 30 years of experience managing electro-mechanical manufacturing operations, producing products for the medical, semi-conductor and computer industries. Mr. Walker served for more than 17 years as Vice President / Director of Operations for Veeco Instruments Sloan Technology division where he oversaw the development of a showcase manufacturing system for producing capital equipment for the semi-conductor industry. Mr. Walker also spent 11 years with Burroughs (now Unisys) manufacturing computer systems.

“I am eager to join Imago as they ramp up production capabilities to meet the growing customer demand for atomic-scale solutions, “said Terry. Mr. Walker added, “I believe the future for Imago is extremely bright. Imago has an unparalleled product line, compelling process technology, and an exceptional management team. I look forward to playing a key role in helping the company deliver the most complete Nanolytical® solutions to its extensive customer base.”

About Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation
Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation is the recognized world leader in the development of Nanolytical® tools and solutions for manufactures, engineers, scientists and researchers involved in the nano-technology revolution. Imago is committed to the sustained advancement of nano-science and continually develops groundbreaking Nanolytical solutions to address unique issues facing our clients and partners.

Imago has developed a worldwide customer base and delivers support from a number of locations in the United States, Japan, and Asia Pacific. For more information, see www.imago.com.

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