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NanoWorld Holding AG acquires
NanoAndMore GmbH

Schaffhausen/Switzerland, January 7th, 2005

As of January 1st 2005 NanoWorld Holding AG acquired 100% of the German based NanoAndMore GmbH.

This is a first step to extend the NanoWorld Group's radius of action along the value added chain.

With this acquisition the NanoWorld Group gains access to the greatest end-customer base for Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) related supplies in Europe and benefits even more from the probes supermarket concept that was created and most successfully implemented by NanoAndMore GmbH founder and CEO Peer Burshille.

At the same time the acquisition enables the NanoWorld Group to participate more directly in the promising tool business that NanoAndMore successfully started in 2004.

NanoAndMore's sales expertise and NanoWorld Holding's strong financial background will enable NanoAndMore to expand the scope of products, service and support.

About NanoAndMore GmbH:

NanoAndMore GmbH was founded 2002 with the objective to serve the SPM community in the best possible way with consumer goods like SPM probes, calibration standards, substrates, coating material, MVD deposition systems and more products and services in the field of High Technology.

NanoAndMore's mission is to give the customer the visibility to select the right SPM probe and other supplies for his needs in the wide range of products offers from different manufactures.

Mr. Peer Burshille, founder and CEO of NanoAndMore GmbH has been active in the SPM market since 1991 making NanoAndMore GmbH the premier source for supplies, support and hands on information.

In 2004 NanoAndMore GmbH together with NanoWorld AG entered the systems market with a series of tools produced by AMST Inc.. Their Molecular Vapor Deposition MVD coating systems make Sensors, MEMS and Bio-Devices work better and enable advancements in Nanotechnology.

MVD™ is a significant new technology that is certain to accelerate the development of next-generation coatings for a wide range of nano-scale devices.

The products distributed by NanoAndMore GmbH are optimized for research, development and process control applications when visualization, modification and measurement of nanometer-sized surface structure is critical.

NanoAndMore GmbH continues to pursue the idea of bringing new developments in the field of measurement instrumentation to the laboratories in scientific research and industry on customers demand.

NanoAndMore has offices in Germany and France and a subcontractor in UK (Windsor Scientific).

www.nanoandmore.com info@nanoandmore.com

About NanoWorld Holding AG:

The NanoWorld Holding AG is a purely financial holding company and does not conduct operational business.

The present key activities of the associated companies are concentrated on the development, production and commercialization of consumables for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) namely AFM probes or tips fo Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM).

In the future the leading position of the associated companies in the core business will be further expanded and new markets are going to be developed in the fields of High Tech and Nanotechnology through strategic alliances and acquisitions.

Central functions fulfilled by the holding include access to capital markets and steering the group strategically, thus relieving the group's units, allowing them to concentrate on their customer related activity.

The holding's headcount is being kept deliberately low in order to limit group overheads to a minimum.




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