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MFIC Develops Process to Enable Spatial Arrangement of Carbon Nanotubes

NEWTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 19, 2005--Carbon nanotubes, macromolecules in the form of long thin cylinders, are noted for their dimensions, shape and physical properties. They display uncommon characteristics of strength, conductivity and quantum behavior when prepared in diameters in the 10-50 nanometer range. Many companies produce bulk carbon nanotubes, and many groups are developing commercial products which incorporate them. A common need, for purposes of a particular desired functionality, is to organize the nanotubes as they are deposited in a linear or other designed pattern, by physical or chemical means.

It is usually necessary to process the bulk nanotube preparations, prior to such treatment, in order to deagglomerate and stabilize the discrete nanotubes so that they can then be formatted in an optimal manner. In collaboration with potential buyers of Microfluidizer® processor systems, our Microfluidics Division has identified and demonstrated operational protocols for our systems to process bulk nanotubes and thus prepare them for specific applications. These customers have confirmed their satisfaction with the results. One customer, Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc., a Houston, Texas based leading manufacturer of single-wall and other small diameter carbon nanotubes, "is evaluating the use of Microfluidizer processor technology for dispersion of small diameter carbon nanotubes in various matrices."

MFIC believes that applications which may utilize our systems include:

High tensile strength polymers reinforced with nanotubes
Nanomaterials to treat fabrics, imparting unique conductivity & strength
High performance lubricants incorporating aligned nanotubes
Nanotubes and nanoshells for medical therapeutic applications
Computer memory using crossed nanotube geometries
Nanotransistors and other high density electronic devices
Field emission display components, in large screen applications
Microelectrical current carriers in ultra-density nanodevices for future generation computer chips
Nanoimprinting materials to replace nanolithography in chip fabrication
Preparation and isolation of quantum dots for medical diagnostics biolabels
Photovoltaic cell components

Microfluidics invites inquiries concerning Microfluidizer processors for conditioning nanomaterials prior to application. Also available are patented Microfluidizer Mixer/Reactors for continuous production of nanomaterials by ultraturbulent chemical reaction. We offer, at no charge, access to our Applications Laboratories to test specific protocols on our equipment. Please contact Dr. Mimi Panagiotou, V.P. - R&D (ext. 258) for more information or to explore a demonstration of either equipment line. Visit our website for expanded descriptions of equipment and for access to publications.

Management believes that this release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to certain risks and uncertainties including statements relating to the Company's ability: (i) to process carbon nanotubes with its processing equipment so that spatial arrangement or formatting can be enabled, or (ii) to create nanomaterials with its Microfluidizer Mixer/Reactor ("MMR"). Such statements are based on management's current experience and expectations and are subject to a number of factors and uncertainties that could cause actual results achieved by the equipment to perform differently then those described in the forward-looking statements. The Company cautions investors that there can be no assurance that the production scale results will not differ materially from those experienced in laboratory runs of limited batches of materials as suggested in such forward-looking statements as a result of various factors, including but not limited to, the following risks and uncertainties: (i) whether the performance of the Company's Microfluidizer® materials processing equipment will enable spatial arrangement of carbon nanotubes on a commercial basis for any or all described applications, (ii) whether the Company's expectation that the benefits of nanotechnology will, in part, be realized by the ability of the MMR to produce innovative nanomaterials in large quantities, and (iii) whether the Company's is able to increase the number of prototype MMR placements and then manufacture and introduce commercial production MMR equipment.


MFIC Corporation, through its Microfluidics Division, provides patented and proprietary high performance Microfluidizer® materials processing equipment to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics/personal care, and food industries. MFIC applies its 20 years of high pressure processing experience to produce the most uniform and smallest liquid and suspended solid structures available. MFIC guarantees scale up of results on its processing equipment and has provided manufacturing systems for nanoparticle products for more than 15 years. The Company is a leader in advanced materials processing equipment for laboratory, pilot scale and manufacturing applications, offering innovative technology and comprehensive solutions for nanoparticles and other materials processing and production. More than 3,000 systems are in use and afford significant competitive and economic advantages to Microfluidics' customers.

MFIC Corporation
Irwin Gruverman, 617-969-5452
CEO & Chairman
Robert P. Bruno, 617-969-5452
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Jack M. Swig, 617-969-5452
Investor Relations
E-mail: info@mfics.com
Microfluidics Website: http://www.microfluidicscorp.com/

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