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CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, 7th February 2005

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) (Nasdaq: OLED) has joined forces with ILFORD Imaging Switzerland, in a project that promises to pave the way for more optically efficient display devices in the future.

All displays produce more light than is actually seen by the user, due to internal losses in the display itself. By increasing the proportion of observed light, (the ‘optical efficiency’), display devices can be made brighter for a given energy input, or energy consumption can be reduced for a given brightness. This is especially valuable where power efficiency is critical such as in mobile devices such as phones and PDAs.

ILFORD is a leading manufacturer of precision coated, ink jet printing consumables, and has discovered that certain nanoporous structures have potentially valuable properties when applied to polymer light emitting diode (PLED) displays.

The new materials, when integrated into a display device, have optical properties which help to transmit light which would otherwise be trapped and lost. The project - which will complete its initial proof-of-principle phase by the end of the first quarter of 2005 - is designed to evaluate and quantify the performance advantages that may be available from this novel approach.
Work is ongoing and centred at CDT’s Technology Development Centre near Cambridge, UK, where much of the work is carried out in developing and preparing PLED technology for commercialisation.

About CDT
Cambridge Display Technology is a pioneer in the development of light emitting polymers (PLEDs) and their use in a wide range of electronic display products used for information management, communications and entertainment. PLEDs are part of the family of organic light emitting diodes, or OLEDs, which are thin, lightweight and power efficient devices that emit light when an electric current flows. PLEDs offer an enhanced visual experience and superior performance characteristics compared with other flat panel display technologies such as liquid crystal displays. Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and listed on the US Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol ‘OLED’. More information at: www.cdtltd.co.uk

About Ilford
ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH (ILFORD): ILFORD has a long history and a strong reputation in photography. Since 1990 it has invested in ink-jet R&D and manufacturing to become the technology and market leader in photo-like ink-jet media and dyes. ILFORD, based in Marly, Fribourg, Switzerland, is a leading developer manufacturer of inkjet consumables for OEM’s and its own brand. It manufactures multilayer nanoporous coatings on a large scale for the inkjet industry and is adapting its platform nanoparticulate technology to make performance coatings for a number of technical applications.



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