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Carbon Nanofiber Producer Signs Second International Distribution Agreement

Cedarville, OH - Pyrograf Products, Inc. (PPI) of Cedarville, Ohio, USA, has signed an agreement with the Electrovac Group, establishing the Austrian firm as the sole distributor of PPI’s PyrografÒ-III carbon nanofibers in Europe.

“This agreement represents a true win-win for both firms,” said PPI General Manager Tom Hughes. “For PPI, this represents an opportunity to expand our international client base and increase customer support and interaction in the European market. For Electrovac, this represents an opportunity to enhance their current product line with the addition of our carbon nanofibers,” he said.

Electrovac also heralded the trans-Atlantic distribution agreement.

“We are extremely proud of our relationship with Pyrograf Products,” said Electrovac Technical Vice President Ernst Hammel. “Pyrograf Products is at the leading edge of carbon nanofiber production. They produce the most advanced and commercially-viable material of its kind in the world. We believe the partnership between Electrovac and Pyrograf Products will lead to a stronger future for both firms and enhanced products for our client base.”

Along with distributing PPI’s carbon nanofibers, Electrovac has added the multifunctional materials to polymer master batches to produce engineered plastics with improved electrical conductivity and mechanical properties.

“Electrovac prides itself in forging strong partnerships with innovative firms throughout the world,” said Hammel. “Our strong partnerships with our supplies and our customers enable us to deliver sophisticated thermal management solutions to demanding, high-performance customer base world wide.

This announcement represents the second international distribution agreement for PPI. PPI, one of world’s leading producers of carbon nanofibers, also has a distribution agreement with GSI Creos Corp. (GSI) of Tokyo, Japan, which covers the Asian market. (For more information on GSI Creos Corp., see: www.gsi.co.jp).

PPI holds the exclusive license to manufacture, sell and distribute PyrografÒ-III, a carbon nanofiber developed by Applied Sciences, Inc. (ASI), also of Cedarville, OH. The two firms are affiliated, with ASI focusing on research and development of innovative carbon-based materials and PPI focusing on scaleable, low-cost techniques to produce high-quality carbon nanomaterials.

About the Companies

Pyrograf Products, Inc. (PPI) is one of the world’s leading producers of carbon nanomaterials. PPI has the worldwide exclusive license to produce and sell one form of carbon nanofibers - Pyrograf-III – originally developed by Applied Sciences.

Applied Sciences, Inc. (ASI), PPI's research affiliate, develops innovative carbon nanomaterials and their applications. Materials currently under development include vapor-grown carbon fibers, diamond thin films, and engineered polymers and composites derived there from. In addition to superior thermal, electrical and mechanical performance, these materials possess various other desirable properties, including low cost. (For more information, see: www.apsci.com).

The Electrovac Group specializes in providing innovative thermal management products customers in the space exploration, medical equipment, electronics, telecommunications and automotive industries. Founded in Vienna, Austria in 1947, the privately-held firm has annual sales of $100 million. (For more information, see: http://www.electrovac.com).

Background on Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is considered one of the hottest technologies with near-term growth and investment opportunities. Worldwide spending in nanotechnology R&D is estimated to be about $8.6 billion a year. (Source “R&D’s Hot Technologies for 2005,” p.28 R&D Magazine, Vol. 46, No. 12, Dec. 2004.)

Nanotechnology involves the study of materials, structures and devices that have novel properties because of their small size – generally at the 1 to 100 nanometer range. (A nanometer is 1 billion times smaller than a meter). PPI’s carbon nanofibers are about 100 nanometers in diameter – approximately 1,000 times smaller than a human hair. When added to existing materials, such as plastics, PPI’s carbon nanofibers improve the materials’ strength and its thermal and electrical conductivity. Potential products from nano-enhanced materials include: longer-wearing automotive tires, electrically conductive body panels, aircraft polymers with improved lightning strike protection, high-performance fuel cells, more durable consumer electronics and longer-lasting concrete roads.

One of the major hurdles facing nanomaterials is the challenge of producing large quantities of material at affordable prices. PPI’s niche is the ability to produce high quality, carbon nanofibers using inexpensive precursors – metal catalysts and industrial gases. PPI has also demonstrated a process for using high sulfur coal to produce carbon nanofibers.

Contact Information

For more information on Pyrograf Products, Inc. or Applied Sciences, Inc., contact John Mackay, Director of Marketing and Communications at jmackay@apsci.com or by phone at 937.766.2020 (ext. 112).

Pyrograf is a registered trademark of Applied Sciences, Inc.

John Mackay

Director of Marketing & Communications

Applied Sciences, Inc.

937-766-2020 x112

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