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Toppan Printing and Cambridge Display Technology Plot Route to Lower Cost Displays

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, 23rd February 2005 – Toppan Printing – a leading information and communications company of Tokyo, Japan, and Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) (NASDAQ:OLED), of Cambridge, UK, have just announced the commencement of Phase Two of their joint programme to explore alternative printing processes for the fabrication of displays based on light emitting polymer (PLED) technology.

Phase One, completed at the end of 2004, concentrated on proving the feasibility of using a roll printing process to deposit light emitting polymer materials onto a glass substrate. This technique would enable device manufacture based on roll-to-roll processing with attendant low costs of production.

Phase Two focuses on the performance of roll printed displays. It aims to produce displays by roll printing which have lifetime, efficiency and colour fidelity comparable to displays produced by ink jet printing. Full colour demonstrators of VGA resolution and 12” diagonal will be the product of the next two year program.

Both CDT and Toppan are very pleased with the results of Phase One and are optimistic about the prospects for future success. The first objective of the developments has been accomplished, and the feasibility of roll printing for this application was indicated successfully.

David Fyfe, CEO of CDT, said “The combination of Toppan’s skills in conventional printing processes and those of CDT in light emitting polymer ink formulation and device structure, enhance the chances for success in this promising project to create very low cost displays”.

About Toppan
Formed in 1900, the Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. is today a leading company in the information and communications industry. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Toppan is an international company with 11500 employees. Toppan continues to expand its business activities into diversified new areas by utilizing its core technologies acquired in printing. These include: packaging, security, electronics, digital imaging and optronics.
More information about Toppan is available at: www.toppan.com.

About CDT
Cambridge Display Technology is a global leader in the research, development and commercialisation of light emitting polymers (P-OLEDs), which are targeted for use in a wide range of electronic display products used for information management, communications and entertainment. Features include reduced power consumption, size, thickness and weight, very wide viewing angle, superior video imaging performance and the potential for use on flexible display substrates. Current CDT licensees are actively developing their manufacturing strategies. CDT floated on the NASDAQ in December 2004 under the symbol OLED, the company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK. www.cdtltd.co.uk



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