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MOSCOW, March 24 (RIA Novosti) - A round-table discussion, "Nanotechnologies in business: problems, interests, profits", that took place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was attended by scientists, experts on nanotechnologies, government officials, business people and public figures. The initiative to set up the national NanoBusiness associaiton was voiced.

Mention was also made that Russia remains the only industrialized country where the development of nanatechnologies has been getting little government encouragement. The government allocates tens of million of dollars for innovation projects, in comparison with billions being earmarked in the European Union and the USA. Stepan Sulakshin, president of the center for the industry's legislative support, declared in favor of a federal program for the development of nanotechnologies while Sergey Petrov, director of the company "Republic of ideas.ru", said that products of nanotechnologies would not become reality unless private capital is available and venture funds have been set up."

Russian achievement in nanotechnologies, illustrated by tunnel-type sensors, nanopipes and nanoinstruments, is unique. The Moscow authority for water supply and sewage has already benefited by the Nanoindustria company's locomotive rehabilitation technologies for treating compressors and air blowers.

The Russian company NT-MDT is known throughout the world for its tunnel and nuclear microscopes that are in great demand in Russia and abroad. The company is also engaged in designing modular nano-factories for obtaining elements of micro- and nano-electronics.

NT-MDT director-general Viktor Bykov told RIA Novosti that Russia is yet the only one to offer molecular capsulation technologies and many others. The value of the world nanotechnology market is estimated to be worth $1 trillion by 2015.

Source : NOVOSTI


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