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Advance Nanotech Ceo Magnus Gittins to Deliver Keynote Address at World Nano-Economic Congress in Dublin


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 2005--Advance Nanotech, Inc., (OTC BB:AVNA.OB), the world's premier provider of services, support and financing to drive the commercialization of nanotechnology discoveries, today announced that CEO Magnus Gittins will deliver the keynote address at the World Nano-Economic Congress (the "WNEC") in Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Gittins presentation, entitled From Science to Product: Making a Promising Technology into a Successful Business, will provide a detailed look at the role corporations must play in supporting the successful commercialization of nanotechnology discoveries at the university level. Mr. Gittins will speak on the second day of the conference, which will run from April 20-21, 2005.

Mr. Gittins' will be addressing a global audience of leaders concerned with ensuring that the rapidly evolving nanotechnology sector can meet its maximum scientific and economic potential. WNEC events are designed to offer a comprehensive approach to understanding and guiding the economic impact of nanotechnology on various industries in which the science is applied. Critical to supporting this mission is providing a forum with high-level speakers from science, government, and business from around the world to discuss the entire value chain of nanotechnology's commercial development Industry Track sessions, including: Aerospace & Defense; Medical & Pharmaceutical; Energy; Electronics; Automotive; Chemicals & Advanced Materials; Textiles; and Water.

Mr. Gittins can offer a unique perspective, drawing on his role as CEO of Advance Nanotech Inc., which has a portfolio of nearly two-dozen nanotechnologies in many of these categories. His presentation occurs as nanotechnology is reaching a critical point in its lifecycle. New and exciting discoveries are being made daily, but there is no guarantee scientists will have access to key infrastructure to support commercialization. Critical to ensuring to these discoveries reach their fullest potential is striking a balance where corporations can work closely with universities to drive and finance product development in a low-cost, low risk manner. This includes ensuring the scientific community has access to counsel in areas essential to commercialization, including advice on intellectual property law, counsel from seasoned business executives and available financing.

Advance Nanotech deals with many of these critical in its work to ensure the successful commercialization of its portfolio companies. Among the company's portfolio are Owlstone Limited, which has discovered breakthrough chemical detection technology for locating chemical and explosive threats, Bio-Nano Sensium, which is a joint venture with Toumaz Technologies to utilize their patented, ultra-low power wireless communications technologies to develop the next generation of sensing devices for the medical world. Mr. Gittins will draw on his experience to discuss the benefits of a broad and diversified portfolio strategy and methods for transforming licensable technologies into commercial products with market potential.

Commenting on the evolving market paradigm and previewing his remarks at the conference, Mr. Gittins said, "The development of nanotechnology-enabled products requires broad and deep cross-disciplinary expertise. This presents challenges to traditional research and development - particularly within corporations, which are constantly feeling the pressure for immediate profits. Universities, on the other hand, are increasingly fueling new nanotech discoveries, but don't always have the expertise, charter or assets to market them. We must create an environment where universities and corporations align their respective assets - intellectual capital, financial capital and market knowledge - to ensure the most favorable outcome for these discoveries."

Mr. Gittins will be available at the conference for comment; for more information on Advance Nanotech, or to schedule a briefing on site at World Nano-Economic Congress, please contact RJ Bardsley at 781-487-4616.

Conference Sponsorship Schedule Announced

Advance Nanotech also announced a robust global conference sponsorship schedule for the remainder of 2005. In the US, Advance will sponsor the Milken Institute's Global Conference 2005; NSTI; Nano Business 2005; Nanocomposites 2005; Foresight-Molecular Nano; IANano; and MRS Fall 2005. Additionally, the company is sponsoring Hanover Fair 2005 and Nanotrends 2005 in Germany; Nanotechnology Issues for Business in Brussels; EUSPEN 2005 in France; Nanomaterials in India; and Nanofair 2005 in Switzerland.

The company has targeted all of the leading global forums on nanotechnology growth with an eye toward facilitating a discussion on driving the science to its most successful commercial outcome. As part of that, Advance Nanotech leaders will also be presenting keynote addresses or participating in panel discussions at several of these events.

About Advance Nanotech, Inc.

Advance Nanotech Inc. is dedicated to ensuring nanotechnology discoveries reach maximum market potential through successful commercialization. Advance is the trusted guide to commercial success for nanotech entrepreneurs spanning the globe, partnering with leading universities to provide scientists and researchers with mission critical infrastructure support to transform their discoveries to marketable solutions. The organization provides a range of services and support including financing, leadership assets, and counsel on intellectual property, licensing and regulatory issues. With a portfolio of more than 20 companies developing technologies which offer potentially breakthrough nanotechnology discoveries in the electronics, biopharma and materials sectors, Advance's goal is to transform the potential for nanotechnology discoveries into innovative products that further evolve existing industries and enable new markets.


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