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European Nanotechnology Trade Association Established


The Institute of Nanotechnology, a global leader in nanotechnology matters, today announced plans to launch the European Nanotechnology Trade Association (ENTA), to support industry’s uptake of nanotechnology.

Created to represent the interests of nanotechnology businesses across Europe, ENTA will act to bridge gaps between governments, science and industry policy makers and business. It will also openly interface with the public and watchdog organizations to ensure transparency and that new nanotechnologies are developed in a safe and responsible manner.

Backed by companies such as Procter and Gamble, BP International, Thomas Swan & Co. , Nexia Solutions, Imerys, SmartBead Technologies and LOT-Oriel, ENTA’s membership is open to businesses and organizations for whom nanotechnology has or may have an impact. The Institute of Occupational Medicine and other key advisors including Mewburn Ellis LLP, Marks and Clerk, Darbys, Technesium TC, DMEM, and CENAMPS have also joined ENTA.

Membership of ENTA offers a platform for networking (including opportunities to attend governmental and legislative focused events), disseminating technology briefings to media, accessing new markets, and for overall risk reduction in the exploitation of nanotechnology.

Membership of the ENTA provides

networking opportunities with other players in the field
latest news, and hot topics
information sharing
access to international initiatives and government programs
sales and marketing focussed events
opportunities to meet potential partners and financiers
statistical analyses
access to specialist advice
invitations to events; and discounts at conferences and exhibitions
ENTA will work closely with the media and government bodies to express industry's views and needs (on legislation, standards, standard operating procedures), and build strong relationships with NGOs and the public so to ensure full community engagment.

The Official launch will be on 1st June 2005, however ENTA is currently active in surveying Europe’s leading nanotechnology organisations to shape future strategy and initiatives.

Industry leaders are encouraged now to become involved in shaping the future of ENTA and nanotechnology, in both advisory and member capacities.

For further information, or to air your views, contact Del Stark, del@nano.org.uk.
Tel: 44 (0) 141 330 2143. Fax: 44 (0) 141 330 2144.

Note: The flagship event of ENTA is the NanoSolutions Conference and Exhibition, to be held this year in Cologne on November 8-10 2005

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