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PSI-TEC Expands Intellectual Property Holdings


WILMINGTON, Del., March 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- PSI-TEC Corporation,
a wholly owned subsidiary of PSI-TEC Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PTHO)
announced today the filing of a patent application complementary to its
already extensive Intellectual Property (IP) holdings in the field.

The current patent covers novel material design of nano-materials
(materials designed at the molecular level) known as electro-optic plastics.
Electro-optic plastics are expected by experts in the field to have potential
applications in many civilian and military systems, including radar, satellite
and fiber-optic telecommunications, cable television (CATV), aerial and
missile guidance, electronic counter measure (ECM) systems, ultraquick analog-
to-digital-conversion, land mine detection and signal processing.

Over the past several years, electro-optic plastics have demonstrated, under laboratory conditions, performance character close to four times that of
existing telecommunication technologies. This means that electro-optic
plastics have already demonstrated almost four times the bandwidth capability
of its primary competitive technology. Bandwidth is a measure of how fast
information is transferred over the Internet.

"Performance is extremely important," explains Frederick Goetz, President
and CEO of PSI-TEC, "and we believe our material designs will far outperform
any other electro-optic material in existence, but stability is the real Achilles' heel of electro-optic plastics.

"Stability is the dirty little secret that scientists in this field don't
like to talk about."

The broad proliferation of electro-optic plastics in current
telecommunication systems has in large part been limited by issues related to
device stability. Stability is a measure of how long and under what
conditions a device can function normally before its operational performance
begins to fluctuate or decline.

PSI-TEC's current patent covers atomic-scale structures that attempt to
evenly distribute electric charge (in a process known as charge-
delocalization) in order to avoid the stability issues currently associated
with electro-optic plastics.

PSI-TEC Corporation is a developmental stage company that engineers next-
generation electro-optic (EO) plastics for future applications vital to modern
commerce, homeland security, and medical technology. PSI-TEC's proprietary
electro-optic plastics are produced at the molecular level for superior
performance, stability and cost-efficiency and are expected to replace more
expensive, lower-performance materials used in fiber-optic ground, wireless
and satellite communication networks.

For additional information contact Mike Queen at (302) 998-8824 or

SOURCE PSI-TEC Corporation

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