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Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. Has Acquired Two Patents Pending

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 18, 2005--Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:NCSH - News) announces today the acquisition of two Patents Pending for Nano Technology inventions. The applications were acquired on January 25, 2005.

The patent applications are titled "Preservation of Narrow Nano-Size Distribution of Particles" and "Semiconductive Nanoparticulates Enhanced Surface Appearance."

Nano TiO2 acts as an absorber of Ultraviolet (UV) energy, but is virtually transparent to visible light. Only small quantities of these nano2 TiO2 particles are required to achieve effective UV protection because, in part, these small particles have a much greater surface area to stop UV radiation than a comparable weight of larger-sized particles with the same chemical composition.

The company intends to take Nano TiO2, initially manufactured by third parties (similar to the UV blocking particles used in some sunscreens), and put them into an aerosol formulation. The aerosols can then be packaged and used to help protect golf shirts and other cotton clothing, since cotton has little UV protection. The Company anticipates that the aerosol formula will be useful to protect drapes, carpets and certain other textiles from discoloration caused by UV radiation, thereby enhancing longevity of the fabric.

Protection against the economic and health detriments of UV radiation is important and, in theory, the Company's products may be able to assist with this problem after additional testing.

A second area that that the Company intends to research is the effect of Nano TiO2 to change the surface appearance of objects by adding a TiO2 coating. This effect seems to occur particularly at low angles of incidence. There are a number of theoretical and practical problems to work out, but it is conceivable that non-migrating TiO2 coatings may change colors somewhat and cause a pleasing iridescent effect, which can enhance the surface appearance of a wide variety of objects.

Both of these areas of research are consistent with the Company's overall plan to enhance basic products with Nano Technology and create either or both functionality and marketing advantages.


Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc., Portland
Katrina Cleburn, 503-799-1741

Source: Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc.

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