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Nanogen Issued European Patent for Key Nanomanufacturing and Nanotechnology Methods

SAN DIEGO, April 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nanogen, Inc. (Nasdaq: NGEN ), developer of advanced diagnostic products, announced today that it has been issued European Patent No. 0943158B1, "Affinity Based Self-Assembly Systems and Devices for Photonic and Electronic Applications," by the European Patent Office. This patent is similar to U.S. Patent 6,652,808, the parent of a series of patent applications that significantly broaden Nanogen's proprietary position in the nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing areas. The U.S. patent was issued in December 2003.

The new nanotechnology patent relates to a nanofabrication technology that combines an electric field assisted manufacturing platform and programmable self-assembling nanostructures (for example, DNA building blocks) for the fabrication of a wide range of unique higher-order nano and microscale devices, structures and materials. The nanofabrication platform and process would be used for: producing nanoscale electronic and photonic devices and structures; assembly of nanostructures and submicron components onto silicon wafers and other materials; integration of nanostructures within preformed microelectronic and optoelectronic structures; production of nanoparticles (for example, photonic crystals, nanospheres and quantum dots); and fabrication of selectively addressable DNA nanoarray substrates and materials.

The patent represents a unique nanofabrication technology that combines the best aspects of top-down microfabrication processes with bottom-up biological self-assembly processes for producing novel nanodevices and nanostructures. The European patent is jointly owned by Nanotronics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanogen, and the Regents of the University of California. Nanogen has exclusively licensed the interests of the University of California where there is joint inventorship.

About Nanogen, Inc. Nanogen's advanced diagnostics provide physicians and patients worldwide with sophisticated information to predict, diagnose and treat disease. Research and clinical reference labs use the highly accurate and reliable NanoChip(R) Molecular Biology Workstation, NanoChip(R) Electronic Microarray and broad suite of analyte specific reagents to develop diagnostic tests for variety of diseases. Nanogen also offers a broad portfolio of patented nucleic acids chemistries and molecular tools that accelerate genomic analysis and are compatible with many systems. The SynX subsidiary offers a line of point-of-care diagnostic tests and is building expertise in cardiac related health conditions. Nanogen's ten years of pioneering research involving nanotechnology may also have future applications in medical diagnostics, biowarfare and other industries.

For additional information please visit Nanogen's website at http://www.nanogen.com .

SOURCE Nanogen, Inc.
Web Site: http://www.nanogen.com

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