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HERA Partners with McGill University

Longueuil (Québec, Canada) – May 3, 2005 – HERA, Hydrogen Storage Systems Inc. (“HERA” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has become exclusive licensee of a substantial intellectual property (“IP”) portfolio developed by McGill University in the field of advanced hydride materials for hydrogen storage. McGill University , located in Montreal , is one of the best-known and internationally recognized universities in Canada and the most research-intensive university in the country. HERA is a leading developer of hydrogen-related technologies and products based on hydrides and proprietary nano-catalysts, for automotive, transportation and hydrogen distribution applications, including hydrogen storage .

The inventions include:

•  Specific advanced hydride materials based on light metals, such as lithium, that have a reversible hydrogen capacity of approximately 9% by weight;

•  Modification methods to synthesize and improve the performance of, advanced hydrides, in particular various types of alanates; and

•  A method of hydrogen generation based on reacting advanced hydrides with alcohols and water/alcohol mixtures (alcoholysis).

“This IP portfolio in conjunction with HERA's breakthough nano-catalyst places HERA in a unique position to provide solid-state, hydrogen storage systems for mobile power applications including hydrogen powered automobiles and portable power applications”, said Mr. Clemens van Zeyl , HERA's President and CEO.

This patent portfolio was developed and co-invented by Professor John Str ö m-Olsen, the head of McGill's Physics Department at the time, and HERA's scientists Dr. Alicja Zaluska and Dr. Leszek Zaluski during their tenure at McGill. The inventions are protected by a total of twenty (20) patents issued, and close to another thirty (30) patents filed in North America, Europe and Asia .

“With this IP and our breakthrough nano-catalyst, HERA has produced advanced hydrides with unsurpassed performance compared to published industry results, including recent publications made by automobile OEMs”, said Dr. Alicja Zaluska , HERA's Chief Scientist and R&D Manager.

"McGill has been a leader in hydrogen storage for many years and its pioneering work is known internationally”, said Dr. Str ö m-Olsen. “I am very pleased to have McGill partner with HERA. I am confident that HERA with this IP will develop a practical, low cost hydrogen storage solution, one of the most critical challenges of the emerging Hydrogen Economy”.

About McGill

McGill University is Canada 's leading research-intensive university and has earned an international reputation for scholarly achievement and scientific discovery. Founded in 1821, McGill has 21 faculties and professional schools which offer more than 300 programs from the undergraduate to the doctoral level. McGill attracts renowned professors and researchers from around the world and top students from more than 150 countries, creating one of the most dynamic and diverse education environments in North America . There are approximately 23,000 undergraduate students and 7,000 graduate students. It is one of two Canadian members of the American Association of Universities. McGill's two campuses are located in Montreal , Canada .


About HERA

HERA, Hydrogen Storage Systems develops hydride materials, hydrogen/hydride nano-catalysts and hydride-based products for automotive, transportation and hydrogen distribution markets. Hydrides are materials that can absorb and release hydrogen, and have distinctive heat and pressure characteristics. These attributes make hydrides well suited for several applications including solid-state hydrogen storage, hydrogen compression, heating and cooling, and nickel-hydrogen batteries, which applications are the focus of HERA's development and commercialization program.

Along with HERA's own important patent portfolio, HERA is the exclusive licensee of several significant inventions in the field of hydride materials from Hydro-Québec's Research Institute and McGill University .

HERA is a venture-owned company based in Longueuil , Quebec , Canada near Montréal, with a wholly owned subsidiary, HERA USA Inc. in Ringwood , New Jersey , USA close to New York City . HERA's shareholders include BOC, Hydro-Québec CapiTech and Shell Hydrogen Projects.


For more information:


Visit: www.herahydrogen.com

or Contact:

Clemens van Zeyl , President and CEO

HERA Hydrogen Storage Systems Inc.

Phone: +1.450.651.1200 ext. 206


Marc Hubert , Director of Business Development

HERA Hydrogen Storage Systems Inc.

Phone: +1.450.651.1200 ext. 208




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