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Nanocyl Moving from University Spin-Off to
Semi-Industrial Company

SAMBREVILLE, Belgium--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 2005--With the inauguration of its new industrial reactor early March, Belgium-based company Nanocyl has become one of the global leaders in the carbon nanotube production.

In the presence of several representatives of the socio-economic, scientific and political scenes, Nanocyl inaugurated 2 months ago its new industrial reactor which enables the company to position itself as a leading player in the carbon nanotube production. Nanocyl specializes in the production and functionalization of nanotubes, enabling the company to integrate carbon nanotubes into metals, biomaterials and polymers.

Representing an investment of 2 million euros, the development of the new reactor is the first stage in a total investment program of over 5 million euros financed by a substantial capital increase, the receipt of a recoverable advance from the Walloon Region and an intervention of major banker Fortis Bank.

The new reactor bases its nanotube production on the catalytic deposit of carbon in the steam phase. The catalyst, a solid reagent, breaks down the hydrocarbon into carbon nanotubes at the point of contact. FUNDP Namur's nuclear magnetic resonance laboratory developed the catalysts, while the University of Liege's chemical engineering laboratory created the reactor allowing continuous production. The new reactor raises nanotube production up to 15 kg/day, which makes of Nanocyl one of the world's main producers of nanotubes.

This is a real breakthrough since the ability to produce continuously sizeable quantities of high-quality nanotubes removes the price obstacle for these materials of the future and marks an essential stage in its viability for many industrial sectors. As materials of the future, carbon nanotubes have potential applications in highly varied industrial sectors; Nanocyl's nanotubes have already been used to develop a new generation of flat screens, to create electrical cables with reinforced fireproofing properties and to manufacture very high-resistance synthetic fibres used in ballistic armor-plating.

Nanocyl has also formed a strategic alliance with NanoDynamics, a leading nanotechnology organization and manufacturer of superior nanomaterials in North America. This partnership enables Nanocyl to expand the applications and commercial use of its carbon nanotubes in this part of the world.

About Nanocyl

Nanocyl is a spin-off company, founded in February 2002, emerged from the Universities of Namur and Liege (Belgium) and is supported by individual and institutional investors. The purpose of Nanocyl is to develop new business for the supply of specialty carbon nanotubes based on an existing and expanding portfolio of intellectual property. Nanocyl is one of the first companies to be established in Europe for the commercial supply of this family of novel material. Currently, pilot production is dedicated to associated laboratories and selected industrial partners. Nanocyl is investing in production equipment, laboratories and process development at its facility in order to supply commercial quantities of carbon nanotubes. For more information, please visit the company's website at www.nanocyl.com .

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