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“YASHNANOTECH” and “Cientifica Ltd.” have announced a joint venture designed to "turn India into a nanotech superpower"

Mumbai, 20 th May 2005—YASHNANOTECH, a division of Yash Management & Satellite Ltd., and UK-based Cientifica Ltd. today announced details of a joint venture designed to unlock India's nanotechnology potential. The two companies will cooperate to provide services spanning the entire nanotechnology value chain, from supporting commercialization of research, giving companies access to contract R&D facilities, and financing and supporting new ventures.

Cientifica CEO Tim Harper explains "As a result of the billions of dollars invested in academic nanoscience research since 2000, these nanotechnologies are available, right now, which offer a significant opportunity for the Indian manufacturing community to make better, faster, greener and cheaper products while improving margins and gaining market share. Given the huge amount of world class nanoscience being performed in India , we aim to leverage the financial and technical expertise of the joint venture to enable India to become a nanotechnology superpower, from contract research to manufacturing."

Mr. Anurag Gupta, CEO of YASHNANOTECH, added "By actively stimulating the transfer of technologies to market, YASHNANOTECH and Cientifica will unlock the vast and immense untapped Indian Nanotechnology market. With more nanotechnology research shifting to the corporate world, India 's low costs for highly skilled manpower & overheads, combined with Cientifica's world wide knowledge and expertise makes YASHNANOTECH an obvious choice for the quality contract research from the rest of the world."

The company is already in advanced talks with a number of world-class Indian research institutes, and is planning to set up a number of manufacturing units and facilities designed to take advantage of the new materials and markets enabled by nanotechnologies.

As a first step towards the accomplishment of the mission, YASHNANOTECH is launching a series of world class nano reports for the Indian market, with applications across a wide spectrum of industries ranging from agriculture, textiles, automobiles, manufacturing, health care, energy, communications, defense, transportations & electronics . They are also launching a DVD entitled “WONDER WORLD OF NANO” for the world market, designed to educate, entertain and inform while cutting through the hype to focus on real world applications and opportunities of nanotechnologies.

The company also revealed plans to bring the World Nano-Economic Congress, a comprehensive series of global conferences that bring together the thought leaders in science, government, and business to discuss the entire value chain of nanotechnology's commercial development, to India in the first quarter of 2006.

About Cientifica

Cientifica is the world's largest independent supplier of nanotechnology information, with offices in London , Singapore , Mumbai, Oslo and Madrid . With activities spanning from basic research through scientific networks to consultancy, business intelligence and investment appraisals. Cientifica's unrivalled focus and insight into this sector offers industry, investors and researchers unparalleled analysis of the technological and commercial opportunities for the application of nanotechnologies. For more information visit www.cientifica.com


YASHNANOTECH, a division of Yash Management & Satellite Ltd. is the frontrunner in the filed of Indian nanotechnologies. Its mission is to create economic effect in India , stimulation & creation of Indian business, create horizontal linkages between markets, network Indian companies, connect India with global network and commercialization & exploiting local technologies.

For more details, contact:


Russell Wilcox

General Manager

Cientifica Ltd. ( UK )

+44 208 374 2514



Miss. Paramjyothi Chowti



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