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Henkel ushers in a new era in pre-paint treatment


Free of phosphate and toxic heavy metals, it is ultra-thin, absolutely uniform, and makes production processes significantly more economical. The talk is of a novel, nanotechnology-based conversion coating for metals. This innovative surface pretreatment prior to painting is considerably more efficient, less complicated and more cost effective than conventional iron phosphating.

For about a century, iron phosphating with subsequent passivation has been the standard process for the treatment of surfaces before painting in the metal industry. This traditional method is now coming under scrutiny, because Henkel has launched a nanoceramic coating process - the world's first - that is far superior to iron phosphating in terms of quality, ecology and economics: Bonderite NT (NT for nanotechnology).

Outstanding corrosion protection and paint adhesion
Bonderite NT is suitable for surface pretreatment for all conventional powder and wet paint coatings. It can be applied by dipping or spraying and creates a cohesive, inorganic, high-density layer incorporating nanoparticles. Measurements have shown that the nanoceramic coating delivers markedly better corrosion protection and paint adhesion than iron phosphating.

Advantages confirmed in field tests
The new process offers numerous economic benefits. No bath heating is required. Bonderite NT coatings can be applied at room temperature, thus saving energy. Speed is also accelerated: The throughput time for parts being treated is only about 20 seconds. Moreover, Bonderite NT makes passivation unnecessary, thus eliminating an entire process step. For the user this means cost reductions all along the line.

Less sludge, better environmental profile
The new process is also remarkable in environmental respects. In addition to its low energy needs, it is also distinguished by its entire lack of organic ingredients. Neither phosphates nor toxic heavy metals have to be disposed of, which means that far less sludge is generated in production. Its positive environmental profile pays economically: Outlay on wastewater treatment, waste disposal and plant cleaning and maintenance is significantly reduced.

Pioneering technology
The nanoceramic process, patent pending, was launched in the USA at the end of 2003, where it has been performing well at over 20 sites. Successful Pilot projects have also been running in Europe since the summer of last year. As a landmark innovation, Bonderite NT is enabling Henkel to consolidate and build on its strong position in metal pretreatment. Thanks to its innovative and groundbreaking properties for metal pretreatment, Bonderite has been honored with the Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation. Henkel KGaA has been presenting this award (named after company founder Fritz Henkel) since 1982 in recognition of outstanding achievements by its employees around the world. Bonderite NT thus joins the ranks of successful innovations, such as Persil phosphate-free, which have made a lasting impact on their respective target markets.

Source : Source: Henkel Loctite
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