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US Navy Expresses Interest in Nansulate Coatings


NAPLES, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 25, 2005--Industrial Nanotech Inc., (OTC: INTK - News ), an emerging nanotechnology-based solutions provider, today announced that the Company is submitting its Nansulate(TM) product line for assignment of a Military Specification number at the request of a military contractor. Earlier this year, a Navy submarine base ordered a small quantity of Nansulate(TM) corrosion resistant insulation coating from the Company.

Recently, the US Navy has expressed interest in the Company's industrial coatings due to their high performance characteristics and, through a military contractor, has requested that Industrial Nanotech design a special "gray" version of its coating that can perform with the same characteristics of the Nansulate(TM) Translucent product line for use on specific Navy assets.

According to Laurie Scherock, President of Industrial Nanotech, "We feel strongly that our coatings can meet the extreme performance requirements demanded by the challenging environments that the Navy and other US military units operate in. Our Nansulate Translucent product line provides a solution to corrosion in addition to providing insulation protection and there are specific applications where our coatings' tolerance for thermal shock will be particularly significant. While the first order we received from the Navy was smaller in size, we are excited about the potentially large scale applications that our products could have."

About Industrial Nanotech Inc.

Industrial Nanotech Inc. produces and sells high performance coatings primarily designed for the heavy industry, manufacturing and shipping markets. The Company conducts nanoscience-related research in advanced materials and industrial applications at facilities in New Mexico, Colorado, and New Jersey. Products are available directly from the company or through a rapidly growing worldwide network of exclusive distributors.

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Contact: Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Laurie Schrock, 800-767-3998 or Investors & Public Relations ZA Consulting Inc. David Zazoff, 212-505-5976
Source: Industrial Nanotech Inc.
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