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EU science ethics group to study nanomedicine


At first blush, nanotechnology (defined as working with things at the scale of a billionth of a meter - a nanometer) might seem little different from the work that semiconductor manufacturers routinely do today to make the chips that put incredible computing power on our desks and into our pockets. Indeed, today's semiconductor chips are incredibly complex and their internal components are already nanotech-tiny; some structures are just four to six nanometers -- a

The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies ( EGE ) for 2005-2009 held its first meeting on 25 October 2005. The  renewed mandate of the group now extends to all areas of application of science and technology and it will issue opinion either at the request of the Commission or on its own initiative.

In its nanotech  action plan 2005-2009 the Commission said it would ask the EGE to carry out an ethical analysis of nanomedicine to enable appropriate future ethical reviews of proposed European nanotechnology R&D projects. "EGE's first full opinion will be on the nanomedicine," told the Head of the EGE Secretariat, Michael D. Rogers. "The group has already issued an  opinion on stem cell research but regarding the current concerns on the issue, the group might be asked to draft a new opinion," he added. 

The previous EGE (2000-2005)  issued five full opinions and a number of shorter reports. The issue covered include genetic testing in the workplace, stem cell research and stem cell biobanks, ICT implants in human body and clinical research in developing countries.



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