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Advance Nanotech Subsidiary Owlstone Limited Recruits Two Government Scientists from UK Ministry of Defense


NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Advance Nanotech, Inc. (OTC BB:AVNA.OB - News) today announces that its subsidiary, Owlstone Limited, has expanded its development team with the recruitment of two UK Government scientists, Russell Parris and Martyn Rush. Their experience and expertise in the field of chemical and explosive analysis will prove invaluable to Owlstone and the development of its nanofabricated threat detection technology.

Russell and Martyn both left the UK Defense Science Technology Laboratory (DSTL) to join the Owlstone team. The DSTL is the centre of scientific excellence for the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD), and its 3,000 strong workforce delivers world class defense research. Russell and Martyn both worked in the Detection Department and specifically the Explosive Detection Group (EDG).

``We are pushing the technology envelope in threat detection and to do that you need experts with cutting edge expertise. We are very happy and excited to welcome Russ and Martyn to the team and see them as a crucial element in helping us successfully develop the chemistry behind the applications in a range of market opportunities'', say Billy Boyle, one of the Cofounders of Owlstone.

At the DSTL, Russell worked in a multidisciplinary team where he carried out development and implementation of explosive sampling and analysis methodologies. Additionally he assisted the canine team with quantation and analysis of various training aids.

``The Owlstone technology has outstanding potential in a wide range of detection scenarios and I'm looking forward to being involved in exciting times ahead,'' comments Russ.

Martyn explains, ``while at the DSTL I gained a broad understanding of past, present and future technologies for the detection of explosives. I now have an understanding of the MoD and rest of the world's requirements for explosive detectors and operating procedures, procurement and testing protocols. I was also involved in fundamental research looking at explosive vapor, where I got an intimate understanding of the chemistry of explosives in particular the improvised, or internet (homemade), explosives such as HMTD (hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine) and TATP (triacetone triperoxide). Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are still killing US troops in Iraq.''

Owlstone is also in the process of recruiting Product Engineers to accelerate the commercialization of its core technology.

About Owlstone Ltd.

Owlstone is developing a chemical detection technology using cutting-edge micro and nanofabrication technologies, making it a hundred times smaller and thousand times cheaper than the existing market leading products. Owlstone has a vision of installing a threat detection system in trains, airports, financial institutes, government buildings, and indeed, anywhere at threat from chemical or explosive attack.

About Advance Nanotech Inc.

Advance Nanotech, Inc. (``Advance'') commercializes innovative nanotechnology. Operating in three areas, electronics, biopharma and materials, Advance leverages relationships with financial and development resources to enable a product focused fast-track commercialization of nanotechnology. Advance has established relationships with academic institutions throughout the world that are at the forefront of nanotechnology research and development. Advance's objective is to invest in patented innovation to bridge early stage product development with valuable markets.

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