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CombiMatrix's Strategic Partner Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation Announces Department of Defense Award for $2.5 Million for Nanotech Fuel Cells

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 24, 2004--Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTG)(Nasdaq:CBMX) announced today that its CombiMatrix group's strategic partner, Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation (NDC), has been awarded $2.5 million from the Department of Defense for the development of its fuel cell technology. NDC will utilize CombiMatrix's NanoArrays(TM) for the further discovery and optimization of a new class of fuel cells powered by high-energy materials such as propellants and explosives.

The technology developed by NDC under this program will be used to produce portable power devices for soldiers and enable development of miniature power supplies for fusing and arming munitions. Also envisioned are "self-sterilizing" smart land mines that render themselves harmless after a certain period of time for land mine remediation.

"CombiMatrix's NanoArray technology in conjunction with NDC's intellectual property and product development activities are a key element in rapidly commercializing this new class of fuel cells," said Dr. Don Montgomery, President and CEO of NDC. "The Department of Defense is one of the largest customers for energy storage and delivery devices and we are delighted that Congress has elected to support this important and innovative project."

"We are pleased that our partner NDC has been recognized through this DOD award," said Dr. Amit Kumar, President and CEO of CombiMatrix. "This work is very timely considering the recent increases in the price of oil. The work performed under this award will not only enable advancement in fuel cell technology, but will also enable land mine remediation tools."


CombiMatrix's NanoArrays(TM) technology, which integrates the advanced functionality and tremendous scalability of silicon integrated circuit technologies with nano-scale electrochemical reaction control, provides a versatile platform for nanotechnology development and commercialization. The CombiMatrix platform incorporates thousands to millions of independently addressable micro-electrodes on a semiconductor chip that allows for the parallel synthesis, immobilization, and measurement of very large numbers of molecules and materials.


Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation (NDC) was founded in 2003 to commercialize mature technologies and intellectual property developed by the Blue Sky Group Inc. of Laramie, Wyoming. NDC's patented high throughput screening technology and its highly parallel NanoAccess system produces and tests thousands of new nanomaterials every week. NDC uses state-of-the-art software to manage and to analyze the flood of information produced by the NanoAccess system.
NDC's nanotechnology development efforts are focused on fuel cell technologies, rechargeable battery technologies, OLED and flat panel display technologies and carbon nanotube composite materials.

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Acacia Research Corporation comprises two operating groups: Acacia Technologies Group and CombiMatrix Group.

The CombiMatrix group is developing a platform technology to rapidly produce customizable active biochips, which are semiconductor-based tools for use in identifying and determining the roles of genes, gene mutations and proteins. CombiMatrix's technology has a wide range of applications including DNA synthesis/diagnostics, siRNA synthesis, drug discovery, and immunochemical detection. CombiMatrix provides DNA arrays to researchers under the CustomArray(TM) brand. CombiMatrix's Express Track(SM) drug discovery program is a systems biology approach, using its technology, to target common viral diseases with siRNA compounds.

The Acacia Technologies Group develops, acquires, and licenses patented technologies. Acacia's DMT technology, which is supported by 5 U.S. and 31 foreign patents, relates to audio and audio/video transmission and receiving systems commonly known as audio-on-demand, video-on-demand, and audio/video streaming, and is used for distributing digital content via several means including Internet, cable, satellite and wireless systems.

Acacia Research-Acacia Technologies (Nasdaq:ACTG) and Acacia Research-CombiMatrix (Nasdaq:CBMX) are both classes of common stock issued by Acacia Research Corporation and are intended to reflect the performance of the respective operating groups and are not issued by the operating groups.

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