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Nano Defence - Nano Defensie
Researchers Mold New Material to Protect Troops
New technology aids Navy : UB researchers helping to design all-electric warship
Next Generation Extremity Protection Products for U.S. Military
Foster-Miller Inc. and Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. Awarded Office of Naval Research Grant for Conductive Sealants 
Researchers to Help Design US Navy's All-Electric Warship
Raytheon Sponsors Soldier Design Competition at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RIT's NanoPower lab wins $1.2 million to build tiny power supplies for military
Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology -- CCAT -- Awards Emergency Filtration Products -- EFP -- Grant To Commence Nano-Enhanced Filter Media Test for U.S. Military
NanoLab® Receives US Army SBIR Quality Award for Nanotube Production
$2 Million Program Awarded to Prime Research for Photonic Sensors For U.S. Navy Gas Turbines
U.S. Department of Defense Selects Lucent Technologies to Provide Nanotechnology for Advanced Military Systems
CombiMatrix's Strategic Partner Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation Announces Department of Defense Award for $2.5 Million for Nanotech Fuel Cells
DoD Awards NDC $2.5 Million for Nanotech Fuel Cells
Sentigen Holding Corp. Awarded $1.65 Million Federal Contract
Free electron laser reaches 10 kW
Emergency Filtration Products -EFP- Application for Navy-Funded Technology Transfer Project Advances
Emergency Filtration Products to Commence Nano-Enhanced Filter Media Tests for U.S. Air Force Under the Direction of the U.S. Army RDE Command
Vanderbilt Engineering to lead new defense nanotechnology program
New Nanotechnology-Based Power Cell Will Reduce Weight and Lengthen Shelf Life to Enhance Military, Security and Rescue Services Applications
Toxin Guard™ comes to the army's defense
Emergency Filtration Products Invited to Apply for US Navy-Funded Technology Transfer Project








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