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Nano Education ... in depth
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Nano Erziehung... im detail
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Career in NanoScience and NanoBusiness for Russian Youth!

Youth Science Society (www.mno.ru), Institute of Nanotechnology of International Conversion Fund (www.nanotech.ru), and Nanotech Information Services Ltd (www.nanobot.ru) invite students, graduates and young scientists to take part in research activities of ICF Institute of Nanotechnology.

Institute staff has a lot of unique amazing opportunities:

· Enhance complex understanding of fundamental and applied nanotechnology
· Participation in creation and publication of special books and articles, DVDs, online educational courses.
· Post-graduate degree at Institute
· Participation in nanotech R&D
· Experience of nanotech commercialization
· Cooperation with leading industry professionals
· International cooperation
· Work in young, active, creative team
· Wide perspectives of science and business career in nanotechnology
· Contribution to fatherland nanoindustry development

Contacts to send resumes and offers are here:

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Nano Education

Nano Erziehung.