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Nano Education ... in depth
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Nano Erziehung... im detail
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Russian Competition of youth projects on domestic
MNT development.

Nanotech Information Services Ltd (www.nanobot.ru) Institute of Nanotechnology of International Conversion Fund (www.nanotech.ru), and Youth Science Society (www.mno.ru) announced start of Competition of Russian youth projects on domestic MNT development.

Future of Russia is not imaginable without high technologies, and without science, technology and business professionals. Molecular nanotechnology development will allow solution of many important national tasks. This direction of high –tech industry opens the way to intensive innovative progress, next technology level of other industries, increase of life quality.

Deadline – June 6, 2004 .
Results and awards – June 26, 2004

Authors of best projects will receive prizes and opportunities for practical implementation of their projects. Some works will be published in the Net. Complete information for participants may be found at www.nanobot.ru

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Nano Education

Nano Erziehung.