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Nanosys Issued Seminal Patent in the Field of Nanotechnology Enabled Electronics


PALO ALTO, CA -- (Market Wire - Apr 05, 2005) -- Nanosys announced today that it was issued U.S. Patent No. 6,872,645 (the '645 patent) by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The '645 patent is directed to nanowire based field effect transistors (FETs) and other electronic devices that may be used in a variety of applications including arbitrarily large area electronic circuits for flat-panel displays, low cost radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs), and electronically steerable antenna arrays for wireless communications.

The technology covered in the '645 patent employs the use of semiconductor nanowires or single or multi-walled carbon nanotubes to fabricate nanoscale FETs with electronic performance up to a thousand times higher than common technologies used today for large area rigid or flexible electronic circuits. The '645 patent also relates to technology that is further described in several other Nanosys patent applications including another recently allowed U.S. patent application that broadly claims Nanosys' proprietary thin film electronics technology. The technology is designed to be compatible with traditional thin film manufacturing equipment as well as advanced roll-to-roll coating and printable electronics technologies.

"We are extremely pleased to have received fundamental coverage for our nanoenabled electronics technology," said Calvin Chow, Nanosys' Chief Executive Officer. "The strength of this technology resides both in its commercial potential to address multiple billion dollar market opportunities and its practical form of implementation. This technology is an excellent example of how Nanosys integrates high value capabilities into our nanostructures with the aim of simplifying and significantly improving the manufacturing and performance of products."

About Nanosys

Nanosys, Inc. is a leader in the development of nanotechnology based products utilizing high performance inorganic nanostructures. Nanosys has built one of the broadest technology platforms in the industry with more than 350 patents and patent applications covering fundamental areas of nanotechnology. Based in Palo Alto, Calif. and privately held, Nanosys collaborates with industry leaders including Sharp, Dupont, Intel, Matsushita Electric Works and SAIC to develop revolutionary high-value, high-performance products for computing, optoelectronics, communications, energy, defense and the life and physical sciences. Additional information on Nanosys can be found at www.nanosysinc.com.

Peter Garcia
Chief Financial Officer
Nanosys, Inc.
(650) 331-2154

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