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TDI Demonstrates Indium Nitride Epitaxial Materials and Nano-Structures



SILVER SPRING, MD -- (Market Wire - Aug 22, 2005) --  Technologies and Devices International, Inc., a privately held Maryland corporation (TDI), today announced a significant step in the development of advanced hydride vapor phase epitaxial (HVPE) technology for group III nitride products by demonstrating indium nitride (InN) epitaxial layers and structures. Novel 2-inch diameter InN-on-sapphire templates and InN/GaN heterostructures will be featured at the 6th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors in Bremen, Germany, from August 27 through September 3 this year.

Optoelectronic and electronic devices based on Group III Nitride materials (GaN, AlN, InN) are the subject of intense development for various applications including solid state lighting, bio and chemical detection systems, environmental, communication and military equipment. The GaN-based market is projected to reach $5B in 2007 and exceed $7B in 2009.

Dr. Alexander Syrkin, crystal growth key specialist at TDI, commented, "This result is an important step towards HVPE technology for InN-containing materials and devices including high brightness blue, ultra violet, and white light emitting diodes (LEDs). TDI has already demonstrated GaN-based devices by proprietary patented HVPE technology. New process allows us to deposit InN epitaxial layers or 3-dimentional nano-size structures in a controllable manner. Development of InN and InGaN materials and structures is progressing rapidly thanks to intense collaboration with the Army Research Laboratory and Texas Technical University."

Dr. Vladimir Dmitriev, President and CEO of TDI, added, "TDI is manufacturing and supplying a variety of nitride epitaxial products including GaN, AlGaN, and AlN template substrates for blue and UV LEDs, and high power transistor applications. Latest achievements in InN technology will help us to develop future products and provide nitride community with advanced materials and device structures. We are very grateful to the Department of Energy supporting this project in a frame of Solid-State Lighting Program."

About TDI

TDI was founded in Gaithersburg, MD, in 1997 as a new independent business. The Company is developing and manufacturing novel compound semiconductors including GaN, AlN, and SiC for applications in short wavelength optoelectronics and high power/frequency electronics.

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TDI, Inc.
Tel: 301-572-7834
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Web site: www.tdii.com

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