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One step closer to atomic scale computing

Computing inside a single molecule will come one step closer with a newly launched project that will help keep Europe at the forefront of the next nanoelectronics revolution, a revolution beyond nanotechnology.

“Creating an atomic scale technology is now a necessity for any uni-molecular device and machine in molecular electronics, molecular mechanics, molecular transducers and for laboratory scale experiments on one molecule,” says Prof Christian Joachim from the CEMES/CNRS and coordinator of the Pico-Inside  project funded by the Future and Emerging Technologies initiative of the IST programme. “Pico-Inside will explore atomic scale technology with the final goal of integrating a complex logic gate inside a single molecule.”

In Pico-Inside, 15 academic and industrial research institutes in Europe will work together on new intramolecular architectures for integrating a complex digital logic function inside a single molecule.

“The project will apply the best microscope instruments in Europe in order to understand the electronic and mechanical behaviour of a single molecule on a surface,” says Prof. Joachim. “We will also investigate the different stages of the interconnection problem from the atomic to the macroscopic scale.”

In addition, Pico-Inside plans to set up and diffuse original roadmaps for interconnect and nano-communication, for chemistry of supermolecules and for intramolecular computing to a broad community.

“Many of the potential molecular electronic applications still require substantial work in order to be transformed into marketable technology,” says Dr Antonio Correia from the PHANTOMS Foundation and coordinator of the dissemination activities. “A concerted effort must be made at the European level to both understand and commercialise atomic scale technology in order to maintain a competitive advantage for Europe.”

Pico-Inside and related dissemination and training activities, he says, will provide both, academic researchers and industry engineers, access to the tools needed to keep Europe at the forefront of the next nanoelectronics revolution, a revolution beyond nanotechnology.

Dr Antonio Correia
PHANTOMS Foundation
Campus de Cantoblanco, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E-28049 Madrid
Fax: +34-91-4973471
E-mail: antonio@phantomsnet.net

Prof Christian Joachim
Toulouse (France)
Email: joachim@cemes.fr

Source: Based on information from Pico-Inside

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