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Nano Energy


Nanotechnology Gasoline Reduces Global Warming at No Cost



Individual vehicle owners can comply with the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol by using H2OIL Corporation's “F2-21” nanotechnology fuel additive, which significantly reduces their vehicle global warming emissions.

Global warming is a serious problem and if g overnments won't do anything, then the people should be given the opportunity to act independently.

City, State and Federal government agencies all refuse to consider H2OIL's environmental nanotechnology for the same reason oil companies never use any fuel saving additives.

Every 10% improvement in vehicle fuel economy also results in a 10% reduction in global warming emissions. However, this also means a 10% reduction in oil company fuel sales and a 10% reduction in government fuel tax revenues.

Unlike other governments, the Chinese government recognizes the value of H2OIL's technology. They recently signed a joint venture agreement to build a F2-21 fuel additive manufacturing plant large enough to treat about 70% of China 's entire domestic demand for gasoline and diesel fuel. They get cleaner air together with health care savings, all at no cost. Everybody wins (in China ).

The China National EPA evaluated F2-21's 15 year use in China and reported: “F2-21 was tested by 16 different government agencies and was proven to save fuel, increase power and reduce emissions.”

In Europe , H2OIL's distributor CleanerGlobe ( Netherlands ) recently completed a long term independent evaluation of F2-21 in a fleet of heavy duty diesel trucks, resulting in a documented 12.5% improvement in fuel economy.

In Japan , F2-21 has been the best selling retail fuel additive for the past six years.

F2-21 is environmentally friendly and does not use any conventional petroleum based technology. Chemically, F2-21 could be described as a complex mixture of water, shampoo and baby oil.

Vehicles using F2-21 have lower exhaust emissions (up to 50%), increased engine power (up to 10%) and improved fuel economy (up to 15%). Fuel savings usually cover the F2-21 cost. In fact most users realize a significant profit, making F2-21 a genuine “no cost” technology.

H2OIL Corporation is a California research and development company and is the world leader in commercially available “second generation” nanotechnology fuel and oil additives. For more information, please visit www.h2oil.com .

H2OIL contact person:

Bernice Song

Phone: (650) 325-0121

Fax: (650) 325-0104

Email: Bernice@h2oil.com








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