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Stagecoach Adopts 21st Century
Fuel Additive For UK Bus Fleet

Innovative product delivers over 5% cut in fuel consumption and emissions

UK -- December 06, 2004 Stagecoach Group is to roll out the use of the next-generation fuel additive Envirox™ across its entire UK bus fleet after the success of a 12-month commercial evaluation.

The Perth-based international transport group announced today (insert date) that its tests of the product in the north west of England and London had delivered more than a 5% cut in fuel consumption and an associated decrease in vehicle emissions.

Last year, Stagecoach signed an agreement with Cerulean International Ltd, the Oxford-based subsidiary of the nanomaterials company Oxonica Ltd, to trial the product in up to 1,000 vehicles across the country.

Now the fuel additive will be rolled out over the next six months across Stagecoach’s 7,000-strong bus fleet, which operates from the Highlands of Scotland to south west England.

Brian Souter, Stagecoach Group Chief Executive, said: “We are extremely excited about the potential of this product, not just for our business, but for the whole of the public transport and logistics sector.

“Fuel is one of the biggest costs in the transport industry and the savings this product is able to deliver will help us continue to provide value-for-money bus services that attract people to public transport. It will also help improve the environmental impact of our operations and the quality of life in our towns and cities.

“Stagecoach is committed to playing its part in building a sustainable environment. Along with our trials of hybrid electric bus technology, this innovation is further evidence that we are leading the transport industry in developing new ideas.”

Dr Kevin Matthews, Oxonica Group Chief Executive, said: “Oxonica is developing nanotechnology that addresses real market needs and Envirox is the first example which we are commercialising through our wholly-owned subsidiary Cerulean International.”

Stuart Anderson, Business Director of Cerulean, said: “Cerulean is working to introduce Envirox in a number of national markets around the world. We are delighted that Stagecoach has recognised the value of the benefit that the product brings and are excited by the opportunity within the UK transport market.”

Nanotechnology research is a key technology of the 21st century and is used to design and build materials at the atomic scale. Scientists work in nanometres, each of which is 1/80000th of the diameter of a human hair.

The fuel additive Envirox™ is based on a well-known oxidation catalyst widely used in catalytic converters. The material has been re-engineered using Oxonica’s nanotechnology expertise to allow it to be delivered as a fuel-borne catalyst, leading to a cleaner burn within the combustion chamber, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. No engine modifications are required to use the product, it has no impact on lubricant performance and the optimum dose rates are low.

Oxonica was created in 1999, to commercialise intellectual property developed over seven years at the University of Oxford by Professor Peter Dobson and Dr Gareth Wakefield. Oxonica has gone on to add further intellectual property to its portfolio, and currently has in excess of 35 patent families.

Cerulean International Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxonica Ltd, a high-technology company working in the field of applied nanotechnology - science on the atomic scale.

Stagecoach Group is a leading international transport operator, with bus and rail operations in the UK, the United States and New Zealand.

More than two million people a day travel on Stagecoach bus services in the UK, which cover around 100 towns and cities from the Highlands of Scotland to the south west of England.

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