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Nanotechnology hails into food industry

OilFresh Company Introduces Anti-Oxidation Device for Restaurant Industry


SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- March 11, 2005 -- OilFresh Company today announced the U.S. market introduction of the OilFresh 1000, a catalytic anti-oxidant device for use in restaurant deep-frying machines. Powered by nanotechnology, the OilFresh 1000 not only keeps frying oil fresh significantly longer, but also allows restaurants the flexibility of switching to more healthful vegetable oils. Unlike other products that simply filter out unwanted oxidation byproducts, OilFresh actually prevents them from forming in the first place. The result is better taste, crisper deep-fried foods, better consistency of product, lower costs and greater profits, and substantial benefits to health and the environment.

Usually, when cooking oil is exposed to heat in a deep-fryer,observes Sonny Oh, founder and CEO of OilFresh, it immediately starts to deteriorate. Without a product like OilFresh, the smaller molecules of fresh, fine oil react with oxygen and begin to polymerize -- to lump together -- which makes the oil more viscous, as well as rancid and foul-smelling. The oil also loses heat conductivity, which does even more damage to the flavor and texture of the food being fried. OilFresh is the solution to all these problems and more.

Simple to use, yet highly sophisticated in its engineering and design, OilFresh is poised to revolutionize America's approach to deep-frying. It is not an additive, not a chemical, not a stabilizer or a filtration system, but an entirely new, patented, technological innovation. OilFresh is authorized by the USFDA and completely safe to use. A flat, semi-permanent, vertical insert, made of an advanced nanoceramic material, OilFresh fits most brands of deep-fryers now in standard use, including Dean, Frymaster, Pitco, Imperial, American Range and many more. The OilFresh Company will also custom-design products to suit a manufacturers specific needs, such as its special model for Winston Industries Collectramatic pressure fryers.

The concept behind OilFresh is based on the leading-edge science of nanotechnology, in which, as Sonny Oh describes it, ¡°surface areas are increased exponentially by reducing the surface particle size to the nano-level -- about 1/100,000th the width of a human hair -- which greatly enhances the material's physical and chemical properties.¡± Used in a deep-fryer, the OilFresh1000 acts as a catalyst. Despite its relatively small size, it exposes a huge surface area to the oil -- diverting oxygen away from the oil and preventing the oil from clumping. It also allows for a shorter frying time, with less oil remaining in the food.

Satisfied customers are already reaping the rewards of OilFresh, and praising its effectiveness and versatility.°With the OilFresh device installed in our fryer, we have been able to save as much as 10 gallons of oil from our fryer every week,¡± notes Serge Karanov, president of Jeffrey's Hamburgers restaurant in San Mateo, CA. "This gives us substantial savings. Also, the quality of our fries used to decline gradually the longer we used the same oil. But now, our fries stay uniformly crispy, and taste better, even when the oil has been in use for a couple of days. We know our customers are better served ".

Steve Fujii, owner of three Japanese restaurants, including the critically acclaimed Ebisu Sushi in San Francisco, adds, "Our oil sales rep noticed that we''d had a sudden drop in oil consumption from an average of 15 cans down to only 7 cans a week, and with great concern, he asked me if our business wasn'tt doing well. I was happy to tell him that it was quite the opposite -- our oil lasts longer now, so we simply don't need to replace it as often. We are totally satisfied with the outstanding performance of OilFresh ".

OilFresh 1000, reasonably priced at $299.99, can pay for itself many times over. Looking beyond economic factors to health concerns, OilFresh offers benefits that have never before been possible. With current medical research warning of the dangers of trans-fat products, OilFresh allows restaurants to switch from hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated products to safer vegetable oils. "Restaurants can now provide healthier fries, while they lower their total oil cost,¡± notes Kirk Scarborough, CEO of California Rice Oil Company, whose product, a pure and healthful alternative, is well suited to the OilFresh device. "We are delighted to see this kind of product becoming available on the market -- and we hope to see a ®Trans-Fat-Free world sooner! ".

The OilFresh device, with its sleek, flat stainless-steel case enclosing nanoceramic catalytic inserts, is easy to install -- just hang it in the deep-fryer under the grill rack -- and easy to maintain. It can remain in the deep-fryer between uses, and it cleans by simply boiling in water two or three times a month. (The OilFresh Company will also recondition units to as-new on request.) OilFresh is ideal for small family restaurants, large fast-food franchises such as McDonald's, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and everything in between. It is well suited for American mainstays such as French fries and fried chicken, and also meets the needs of Asian-style restaurants -- for deep-frying everything from Chinese eggrolls to Japanese tempura. Moreover, OilFresh reduces off-odors so well that a cook can switch back and forth from seafood to vegetables to meats without carryover flavors.

¡°We are very excited about the potential of OilFresh," concludes Sonny Oh, whose technological vision has allowed him to achieve his socially responsible goals, "and our company takes great pride in the contribution that our products can make. We are helping restaurants succeed financially, while helping to promote better health overall. Because our OilFresh device refines and reconditions oil so well, far less waste oil -- especially the thick residues from large-scale commercial fryers -- is discarded into the environment ".

About Us: The OilFresh Companys flagship product, the OilFresh1000, is available throughout the United States, and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Located in Sunnyvale, California, with partners in the U.S.A. and Japan, OilFresh Company is a division of North Marketing, Inc. For more information about OilFresh, call 408-744-9575 or visit www.oilfresh.com.

Contact Info: Sonny Oh: 408-744-9575 or sonnyoh@oilfresh.com

Website: http://www.oilfresh.com

Bus E-Mail: sales@oilfresh.com

Phone: 408-744-9575








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