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What's on the Menu? Nano4Food Conference Brings the Nanotech World into the Food Chain


BUSINESS WIRE -April 4, 2005--Nano4Food (www.nanofood.info), the world's first conference focused specifically on nanotechnologies and the food industry, will be held on June 20th-21st at Wageningen International Convention Centre, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Nano4Food will provide the first opportunity for food manufacturers and nanotechnology providers to discuss the current and future needs and opportunities for nanotechnologies within the food industry.

This is accomplished by a multidisciplinary approach of business and technology represented by a world class programme which includes high-level speakers from global food industry manufacturers, government regulatory bodies, top technology companies and research institutes.

Delegates will hear from

-- Unilever's Senior Scientist at the Food Research Center, Prof. Dr. Stanley Brul, who will address the current and future needs of the food industry and what can nanoscience offer;

-- Friesland Foods's Head of the Research Department, Dr. Tjeerd Jongsma, who will reveal how the potential for texture modification can accommodate more precisely consumer's needs and tastes;

-- Altria's Group Leader of the International Network of Emerging Science & Technologies, Dr. Manuel Marquez Sanchez, who will explain how nanotechnology will give us the tools to develop efficient nutrient delivery systems;

-- Nestle Research Centre's Dr. Johan Ubbink who will review the molecular and nanoscale approaches to food materials science;

-- United States Department of Agriculture's, Dr. Hongda Chen, who will examine the role that government regulatory bodies will play in order for nanotechnologies to reach the market;

-- Rutgers University's and the world's first Food Nanotechonology Professor, Dr. Quirong Huang, who will offer insight into the significant impact that nanosensors will have in food safety and quality, and many more internationally renowned speakers.

Food manufacturers will discover the ways in which nanotechnologies can improve productivity within established processes, as well as identifying positive impacts on health and taste while companies and organizations working, researching and producing within the nanotechnology space will be able to find out first hand how the needs and commercial dynamics of the food industry can inform and drive the need for their products.


Cientifica (www.cientifica.com) is the world's leading nanotechnology business intelligence and consulting company, providing services to governments, industry and investors since 1996, through offices in London, Madrid, Oslo, Mumbai and Singapore.


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