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Nano4Food was delicious !


Wateringen, Holland, 22-05-2005

I have just spent the last two days enjoying the hospitality of Cientifica and Wageningen University at the first ever Nano4Food Conference in Wageningen, here in the Netherlands.

It was a delicious conference with a menu of Nanotech / Food related topics that left me feeling a bit like Oliver Twist and asking for more !

This First ( and lets really hope ) not the last Nano4Food conference stood up well against its original principles and pre conference pro-mo.

So what was on the menu ?

Here's what Nano4Food was advertising : “ The Nano4Food Conference will be the first opportunity for the food sector's key players, leading suppliers and research community to meet, network and discuss the entire value chain of nanotechnology's commercial development. “

Although I felt the conference was a success in many areas, two areas of real interest to myself, and many fellow delegates were only presented as a “ first course starter “ and not as a “hearty main meal “, as many of us pre-conference had expected.

The fairly “Low Calorie “ coverage of Nanotechnology & Food Packaging left us all wanting more, and the golden opportunity to start the debate around Possible Consumer rejection of new forms of substances in Food created via Nanotechnology methods “ was not only a very “Slim Line Debate “ it was almost also 99% Fat Free !

Still Nano4Food 2005 was a start…

As I sit here writing this I keep asking myself why did so many of one type of delegate attend ( for example Researchers, Food Technicians etc ) , and another type of delegate stay away ?

Food Trade Associations, & Nanotechnology Associations, Investors, Consumer Groups, Marketers should be asking themselves why they did they not bother to attend this first ever Nano4Food Conference.

Was it just a case of “ Food issues ..well we have that all covered “ that keep them away or because they see the word Nanotechnology so it must be just all hype ?

In my view Nanotechnology and Food are two very Hot issues, and the debate around the Nanotech advancement into all areas of Food Production and Processing is a debate best served up fresh.

Finally, in the time honoured tradition of a Restaurant Food Critic here is my 1 to 10 ranking for Nano4Food 2005

Nano4Food 2005 Score : 8

If you have any comments about Nanotech & Food please feel free to email me direct via nanotech(at)voyle.net

David W.G. Voyle









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